Need to chill? This ASMR video is especially for Gen X & Boomers


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Well, this isn’t ideal. The world went nuts a couple of years ago and just refuses to step back in line. And to tell you how bad it’s gotten? Even the most chill, laid-back, self-reliant, coolest people in the entire country are starting to show a little stress.

And if Gen X (because it goes without saying that those chill, laid-back people are Gen Xers) is starting to look concerned, yikes. (I mean, we’re so relaxed usually that it’s hard to tell if we’re even conscious). Things are getting pretty rough indeed. But we’ve never been this freaked out before and have no idea how to treat it. 

Cue: ASMR.

What, you ask, is ASMR? 

Autonomous sensory meridian response is a tingling response that starts on the scalp and moves down the neck and upper spine. This is a form of paresthesia, which is a very fancy special word for “pins and needles” sensations, like when your foot goes to sleep, only it seems as though people experiencing ASMR sound recordings experience lower heart rates and reduced anxiety as well. These reactions can be triggered by certain sounds. 

Which brings us back to Gen Xers, who surely never needed such tingles before but now have need enough to have an ASMR all their own.

Tik Tok posted by AARP (ouch.), we get the very finest in generation-specific ASMR. The sounds are as familiar to us as the words of Olivia Newton John’s Physical (which was the number one song of the ‘80s, weirdly enough, but, yeah, I know it backwards and forwards and you do, too), VCR rewinding, blowing dust from an ancient Nintendo game, a record spinning….

Ah, I’m tingling already!

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