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Indoor Water Parks Near Me If you Live in the Northwest!

If you live in the Northwest, or you plan to visit, and are missing the lazy days of summer, then an indoor water park might be just the fit. We are very fortunate in this area – if you are looking for Indoor water parks near me – as we have a number of options in driving distance.

In fact you will find both options for indoor water park hotels if you want to stay overnight, as well as indoor water park options you can use on a daily basis, without having to book an overnight stay. I love that we have so many options and for different budgets too. If you want to just get the kids out for the day, check out one of the cool aquatic centers below. Or if you want to make it a special vacation, then check out one of the Indoor Water Park Resorts options.

Hotels with Indoor Water Parks Near Me

We have a few options for a hotel with indoor water park, to choose from. Use these to turn your water park visit into a vacation. All of these are in driving distance from locations in the Northwest. Some will be a long drive, depending on where you live, but no pricey airfare needed to visit these spots.

Find these three Indoor water park hotels in the Northwest.

Great Wolf Lodge Grand Mound

Of course the big one everyone thinks about first is Great Wolf Lodge. If you love Great Wolf Lodge we share a list of Great Wolf Lodge promo codes to help you save, as well as the Great Wolf Lodge Groupon deal. If you are visiting the Grand Mound location specifically, we also share tips on how to save during your Great Wolf Lodge stay too.

Great Wolf Lodge does have a daily resort fee, but keep in mind that the water park bracelets are included in your room rate – so you will not be charged extra to use it.

Silver Rapids Water Park

Silver Mountain Resort & Silver Rapids Water Park – Idaho

The Silver Mountain Resort is easily my favorite resort / hotel with indoor water park in the area. The resort is very nice, with condo style rooms (their own kitchens and outdoor balconies), and it sits in the village for easy access to restaurants, gondola rides and more up the mountain. The water park has something for all ages (wave riders to kid splash zones), and it is next to, but not connected to the resort. This means you can peacefully enjoy your room and the resort area, then head to the water park when you want to – so it felt more relaxed to me than say Great Wolf Lodge.

We share our full review of the Silver Mountain Resort and Silver Rapids Water Park, with many more details of what is available onsite and in the surrounding area.

Raptor Reef Water Park

Raptor Reef Waterpark & Triple Play Resort

The Raptor Reef Waterpark has an indoor water park, and more. It also includes the Triple family fun center on site, with lots of activities, and it is positioned on the same lot as a Holiday Inn. This one is best suited for pre-school to elementary age kiddos in my opinion, but we share a full review on the Raptor Reef Waterpark, Triple Play Family Fun Center and the Holiday Inn hotel for you to decide if it is a good fit for your family. There is certainly lots to do here.

Swimming at Suncadia

If you want to enjoy some pool time, but do not necessarily need a full blown water park, sometimes a hotel with a great pool is the perfect fit. Some of these even offer water slides, and lazy rivers too! I have highlighted a few of my personal favorite ones, based on a combination of loving the resort as well as their pool/aquatic centers.

For example, the Suncadia resort has both an indoor Olympic size pool with 2 waterslides, and they keep one of their outdoor pools heated to hot tub levels (my kids love that)! Find out more about what to do at the Suncadia resort in the Winter too.

Sunriver Resort & Cove Aquatic Center gets my vote as I love this resort year round, and they have two aquatic centers you can enjoy – both the SHARC aquatics center in the Sunriver Village, and the Cove Aquatics Center onsite at the resort (and available to guests only).

Indoor Waterparks that do not require a hotel stay

If you are looking for a spot to take the kids for the day, but do not want to stay overnight, there are some great options for that too. Also, a few that we have shared above will allow you to purchase day passes, even though they have hotels onsite.

wings and waves waterpark

Wings & Waves Water Park in Oregon

This is my favorite indoor waterpark that is not attached to a hotel. If you have a kiddo who loves aviation, or space, they will love this waterpark. It includes slides, dunk pails, wave pool and lots more. Check out our full review of the Wings & Waves Water park for more details on what to expect.

If you want to turn it into an overnight stay, there are often many options in the area for around $100 a night. One of my favorite options is the Vintage Trailer park, where you can stay in a restored vintage trailer for under $100 a night!

Great Wolf Lodge Day Pass – Grand Mound Washington location

Many people do not know that you can buy just a day pass into Great Wolf Lodge. If you are looking at visiting during one of their off season times, you can find them for as low as $40 per day at the Grand Mound location. If you want to do just afternoon/evening hours you can get them for even less. We share all about how the Great Wolf Lodge Day Pass works to help you decide if this is a good fit for you,

Photo Credit – Snohomish County Aquatic Center

And be sure to check out our Master List of Water Parks in Washington, Oregon and Idaho here, and look for the Aquatic centers. Some of these have water slides, lazy rivers, and even wave-riders! This could be a more affordable option for a day trip, or even to spend the night at a nearby hotel and enjoy for a day.

Some of my favorites on the list, to focus on, with the most water attractions included are:

Best Washington Indoor Aquatics Centers –

  • Federal Way Community Center
  • Snohomish County Aquatics Center

Best Oregon Indoor Aquatics Centers- 

  • North Clackamas Aquatics Center
  • Astoria Aquatics Center

Best Idaho Indoor Aquatic Centers – 

  • Boise City Aquatic Center
  • Nampa Parks Aquatics

That is a lot of water park fun available in the Northwest, that you can enjoy year round. We have personally been to almost all of the options shared here (with the exception of a few of the aquatic centers) and made wonderful memories with our families. I hope you do too!

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