Pam Anderson is back and Gen Z loves her more than you ever did


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So, there’s this new mini-series made by Disney Plus, streaming now on Hulu. It’s called “Pam & Tommy” and stars Lily James (of “Downton Abbey” and “Yesterday” fame) and Sebastian Stan (from “The Winter Soldier” “I Tonya”). Of course, most of us don’t need to be told what it’s about, but I will give you a hint to focus you in a little bit: stolen, uh, tape.

With me now?

The reviews for “Pam & Tommy” are amazing, and we should all definitely watch (Seth Rogan rocks a mullet in it), but something very interesting is happening…

See, Pam Anderson has always had a very specific style, a 1990s pinup, rock n’ roll vamp kind of a thing that was even more on display (if that’s possible) during the time she was married to Tommy Lee. Remember, it was during this period that she made the perennial classic “Barb Wire” (because I’m so nice, I included a link to the “Barb Wire” trailer. Watch it. It’s fairly awful/wonderful). “Barb Wire” seemed to cement her style in our collective consciousness, but that’s gone forever, like our youth, right?

No, apparently not! Because now, “Pam and Tommy” has spit it all back out into the rotation of the cultural zeitgeist, and now our children are emulating Pam Anderson’s style.

Yes, Gen Z has co-opted Pam! They’ve stolen her out from under our very noses. They are embracing all things Pam Anderson. And it’s so much better than us still trying to do it because they look like adorable, tiny, skinny jerks.

The cut-out dresses, the black leather corset and, of course, the red bathing suit (all drastically up in internet searches), helped make Pam the bad girl we know her to be. She’s been there and back, and she’s always been her own woman.

So, if our kids get a little of that attitude and sass from Pam through her style or her resiliency, I’m cool with that…

As long as I can borrow that black corset, that is.


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