It’s amazing pigeons ever survive to adulthood


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Birds are known for building incredible nests and raising their young in them. Then there are pigeons.

The notoriously lazy birds take a “that’ll do, I’m going to clock off early” approach when building a nest.

Have you ever seen a pigeon nest?

Well,  a nest maybe is too strong a word for these structures, which are literally sticks thrown on the ground with dried grass as a cushion.

It’s almost like they are being sarcastic about it.

Photos of pigeons’ “nest masterpieces” are recently taking the Internet by storm. There is even a Twitter account, @BadNests, dedicated to chronicling “the worst nests that pigeons have to offer.” The photos include a nest cradled in the windshield of a car, a single stick nest built on a doormat, and a nest with no sticks, but simply an egg laid in a colander.

Two eggs of red collared dove birds in the nest on aluminum racks. Credit: kendoNice/iStock


Pigeon eggs in the roof of a building. Credit: nzfhatipoglu/iStock


An egg on dry grass.Credit: ChntX/iStock

Here is the inevitable question after looking at these ridiculous nests.


In their defense, pigeons don’t really need a nest like birds who nest in trees do. The common pigeon is also known as Rock Dove because of its ability to nest on cliffs and rocky areas, with the main foundation of its nest being rock itself. Birds that nest on flat surfaces only need to ensure that their eggs don’t roll away and get crushed. So, they just need a few twigs, to keep eggs from rolling off.

But, still, they could make a little effort just for appearances, right?

No. They can’t. They won’t. They don’t care.

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