Rare 14-Karat Gold Lego Piece Sells for $18,101 at Goodwill


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If you thought the nearly $700 Lego Titanic replica set was expensive for a set of building blocks, you’ll do a double-take at this story.

A Pennsylvania Goodwill recently received a jewelry box donation containing a very rare Lego that has now sold at auction for a whopping $18,101.

The donation in question? A rare 1-inch, 14-karat gold Bionicle Hau mask from the Bionicle action figure line from the 2000s. According to Chad Smith, an executive at Goodwill in North Central Pennsylvania, only 30 of the pieces were made, with 25 given away as prizes and five for people who worked for Lego.

Goodwill 14K Yellow Gold LEGO Bionicle Hau Mask

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The item previously received a bid up to $33,000, but was left unpaid and then relisted. After 48 new bids, it sold for $18,101 on Goodwill’s website.

“We didn’t know what we had when we found it,” Goodwill Industries of North Central Pennsylvania social media and PR coordinator Jessica Illuzzi told local news station WTAJ. “It came in a box full of random jewelry from the State College store. So it had already been processed through donations there.”

There’s no word yet on whether the current winner will pay up or if it will go back to bidding, so if you’re a Lego fan and have the cash, you may want to keep an eye on it just in case.

Goodwill 14K Yellow Gold LEGO Bionicle Hau Mask

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While it will be pretty tough to find a Lego that costs as much as the Bionicle Hau Mask, there are some other rare pieces that are worth quite a bit of cash.

This red Darth Vader helmet is listed on BrickLink.com for nearly $3,000, while a set of Boba Fett’s legs are listed for between $700-$1,100. Some vintage Lego Star Wars sets on Ebay are also being sold for hundreds of dollars, too.

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