Summer’s best grilling trend: Beer-can cabbage

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When it comes to vegetables, cabbage isn’t the usual go-to option. Not many people get excited over a head of cabbage, but beer-can cabbage is about to change all that.

You may have heard of beer-can chicken, a way of grilling chicken on top of a beer can, but now its plant-based counterpart has arrived.

Apparently, it’s super tasty. As someone commented on food blogger Rebecca White’s Instagram post about beer-can cabbage: “Deeply disappointed that nobody has said the obligatory “yummy” comment – with as many exclamation marks as you fancy.”

Epicurious shares their recipe, which calls for a head of cabbage, oil, salt, pepper and beer. You’ll want to allot about 45 minutes of grill time.

You can serve the cabbage as a side dish, make into a coleslaw, or you can even serve it as a meat substitute on a roll like a sandwich. Either way, it’s a fun addition to your outdoor summer barbecues.

Next time you’re grilling, you might want to switch up your menu and incorporate one of these unique and tasty cabbage heads.

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