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It is not often that you have a simple, four-ingredient appetizer that is quick, easy, low calorie, and light on the budget. In addition, this appetizer is Vegetarian, gluten-free, and Keto friendly.  These healthy appetizers have the low calorie count of under 6 calories each.  The whipped Guac/ Cottage  Cheese is absolutely delicious, fresh, and satisfying, and the crispy cucumber is a perfect complement.

Why is whipped cottage cheese trending?

Whipped cottage cheese is low in sugar and high in protein. In addition whipped cottage cheese is  versatile in recipes that are sweet and savory.  While cottage cheese feels old-school- innovative chefs are finding new and innovative ways to create flavors that are healthful, and low-calorie.  As in this case, creating an appetizer that is guilt-free.

Cottage cheese is a great source of calcium, an important in tooth and bone health, and in the prevention of osteoporosis. Additionally the nutrients in cottage cheese helps to regulate blood pressure and might even play a role in preventing certain cancers, such as prostate cancer.

Why ‘Whipped’ Cottage cheese?   Whipping cottage cheese incorporates air, and makes the cheese lighter fluffier, and smoother.  While it is becoming increasingly popular to whip traditional cheeses like Ricotta and Feta- our whipped Cottage cheese has the additional benefit of being low in calories and high in protein.  Cottage cheese has a moderate amount of lactose with about 9 grams in 1 cup.  There are lactose-free low-fat cottage cheeses that can be used in this recipe.

Are cucumbers healthy?

They’re high in nutrients, as well as plant compounds and antioxidants that help treat and even prevent some conditions. Also, cucumbers are low in calories and contain water and soluble fiber, ideal for promoting hydration and aiding in weight loss.

Try this delicious Cottage Cheese Appetizer

Prep Time15 minutes

Course: Appetizer

Cuisine: American


English Cucumber Slices

Whipped Cottage Cheese

  • 16 oz Low Fat Cottage Cheese
  • 2 oz Cream Cheese
  • 2 tsp Zesty Guacamole Seasoning

Spoon a dollop of the whipped cheese mixture onto slices of cucumber. Top with capers, chill and enjoy!

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