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If you’ve ever climbed a mountain or even just a tree, you know perspective can change the way many things look. We’ve found some of the most stunning drone photos on the internet that capture everyday life from a unique perspective, marvels from a viewpoint you can’t see on a tour and extraordinary (and sometimes dangerous) natural phenomena and other spectacular sites.

Keep scrolling to take in some truly out-of-this-world drone photography.

Image Credit: Lukas Bischoff / iStock.

1. Airplane over beach in Italy

This photo was taken over a beach on the Mediterranean Sea in Sardinia, Italy, in 2017. Beach-goers soak up some sun as the shadow of an airplane passes overhead, casting a once-in-a-lifetime shot of the shadow perfectly over the water.

Image Credit: Travel Wild / iStock.

2. Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China looks even greater here. Shot in Beijing, the wall separates a frosty landscape from a side that hasn’t been touched by the snow, creating a Yin-Yang-like design.

Image Credit: Keattisak A / iStock.

3. Temple of Poseidon

This shot looks like the opening of an epic period piece. The sun peeks out from the corner over a shot of the Temple of Poseidon in Attica, Greece, with rolling mountains in the background as boats float by.

Image Credit: SHansche / iStock.

4. Wat Tang Sai Temple, Thailand

You may be able to visit Wat Tang Sai Temple in Thailand in person, but you won’t see it from this angle. Shot by drone over a pagoda, this photo shows off the luxurious red and gold rooftop and the perfect symmetry of the building.

Image Credit: Nymphoenix / iStock.

5. Senayan Stadium, Indonesia

Sports fans will love this shot of Indonesia’s Senayan Stadium at nighttime. The photo perfectly catches the glow of the stadium, the full moon and the cityscape in the background.

Image Credit: CreativaImages / iStock.

6. Forest Hill Tower, Toronto

A starry nebula overlooks the Forest Hill Tower in Toronto in this shot. While the city is barely visible, the star of this shot is, well, the stars.

Image Credit: James Benjamin Greisman / iStock.

7. Madrid, Spain, roundabout

Who knew a roundabout could be so beautiful? This shot shows off a spiral landscape with intrinsic designs in the middle of a roundabout in Madrid.

Image Credit: Ernhkm / iStock.

8. Indian Lake Spillway, Ohio

You may have to look closely to decipher this everyday beauty. It’s a zig-zag patterned spillway in Ohio’s Indian Lake. The perfect lighting in this one makes the spillway look like a beautiful abstract design.

Image Credit: Nicholas Smith / iStock.

9. Sailboats washed ashore in Key West

The photographer here notes that they took this photo shortly after Hurricane Irma hit Key West’s Wisteria Island. Four sailboats sit abandoned on the shoreline shortly after the devastating hurricane.

Image Credit: Felixmizioznikov / iStock.

10. Demolished homes in India

This series of demolished Indian homes is both devastating and mysterious. The photographer notes that they came across it while traveling, and the cause of the destruction is unknown.

Image Credit: Amlanmathur / iStock.

11. Baltic Sea cracked ice

Shot in the Baltic Sea near Helsinki, Finland, this drone shot shows off the beauty and intrigue of frozen isea in winter. Sea water freezes at around 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and the National Ocean Service estimates that at least 15% of the world’s ocean is covered by this salty sea ice for at least part of the year.

Image Credit: Subodh Agnihotri / iStock.

12. Namibia sands

These dune fields can be found near the Dead Vlei and Namib Naukluft National Park in Namibia. The aerial enhances the vastness of these epic and one-of-a-kind sandscapes.

Image Credit: Jay Roode / iStock.

13. Hong Kong crowd

This array of colorful umbrellas was shot in Hong Kong in 2019. In a COVID-19 world, it’s hard to remember traveling, let alone being so close to so many strangers.

Image Credit: LewisTsePuiLung / iStock.

14. Sole swimmer in the Dead Sea

Far from the crowded streets of Hong Kong, a sole swimmer on a pink innertube swims alone near Oludeniz on the Dead Sea.

Image Credit: Den-belitsky / iStock.

15. Turkey picnic-goers

Providing even more contrast to the swimmer, this photo features picnic-goers in Ankara, Turkey. The drone perfectly captures a summery day in a local park.

Image Credit: Yusufozluk / iStock.

16. Altai Mountain Geyser, Russia

In Russia’s Altai Mountains sits this geyser lake. You can see blue clay and silt surrounding the thermal springs in this otherworldly shot.

Image Credit: rusak/ iStock.

17. Icelandic volcano

This view of an Icelandic volcano could easily be mistaken for an extraterrestrial shot. The drone captures the heat of the volcano contrasted with the much cooler valleys surrounding it.

Image Credit: Biletskiy_Evgeniy / iStock.

18. Corn farm fire, Denmark

Pictured is a drone shot of a cornfield fire in Denmark from the summer of 2018. The photo captures a firetruck, situated  at the edge of the burnt farmland and  the rest of the field.

Image Credit: Christiantdk / iStock.

19. Koh Samui Island shoreline

This may look like abstract art, but it’s actually the shoreline of Koh Samui Island in Thailand. You can see the red sand, foamy white waves and the ombre of turquoise color from the water.

Image Credit: Oleg Shuldiakov / iStock.

20. Botswana elephants

Shot in Khwai, Botswana, this shot offers an epic view of an everyday wonder. A herd of elephants wander through the dry plains in search of a nearby river.

Image Credit: Jay Roode / iStock.

21. Sheep herd, New Zealand

For those who live on South Island, New Zealand, herding sheep is often a part of everyday life.

Image Credit: Avid Photographer / iStock.

22. Latvian winter tree

In Krimulda, Latvia, a single tree stands tall as its shadow extends down below it. In the background, you can see trails, the only sign of life besides the tree itself in this otherwise still and barren landscape.

Image Credit: Desant7474 / iStock.

23. Doi Mon Cham Mountain, Thailand

This aerial view of camping grounds on Doi Mon Cham Mountain in Thailand is truly outstanding. You can see the elevated mountains contrasting with the shadowy valleys and waterways surrounding them.

Image Credit: Pierrick Lemaret / iStock.

24. Hill of Slane, Ireland

This shot shows off the haunting beauty of The Hill of Slane Castle ruins and the remains of a nearby castle. Their shadows stretch across a field of green as neighboring villages dot the background of the shot.

Image Credit: Eugene_remizov / iStock.

25. Cappadocia, Turkey

This shot of a city in transition from night to day is from Cappadocia, Turkey. Even more amazingly, it shows off natural rock shaped almost like a castle standing watch over the city.

Image Credit: Javarman3 / iStock.

26. Swiss Mountain Pass

Deep in the Swiss Mountains on a snowy day, this drone shot shows a nearly empty road in one of the mountain’s many winding passageways. The contrasting black asphalt and white snow makes for a spectacular shot.

Image Credit: Michael Hausmann / iStock.

27. Zhangye National Geopark, China

The Zhangye National Geopark in Gangsu, China, is home to many rainbow mountains, including the one pictured here. This unique blend of minerals in these sandstone hills and mountains is certainly a marvelous sight.

Image Credit: Photons_in_action / iStock.

28. Skogafoss waterfall, Iceland

The Skogafoss Waterfall in Iceland is a popular tourist attraction. However, here, the drone captures a view of the falls sans human, letting its deep green pastures and foamy white waters be the true start of the shot.

Image Credit: Biletskiy_Evgeniy / iStock.

29. Swiss Pyramids

These may look like pyramids, but they’re actually stone formations in Switzerland with a scenic route cutting through them. Fog overlays the fall scene, making for an interesting and glorious shot of the stone pyramids.

Image Credit: Michael Hausmann / iStock.

30. Giza Pyramids

Here, we have actual pyramids shot from above. This aerial features The Pyramid of King Khafre in Giza. You can see the layers of the pyramid from a unique perspective with this top-down view.

Image Credit: Islam Moawad / iStock.

31. Nazca Lines, Peru

Nazca Desert, Peru, is home to many geoglyphs and spirals, including the one here. These are

Nazca lines drawing geoglyphs of the spiral, Nazca desert, Peru. The lines were made over 2,000 years ago, although not much is known about them.

Image Credit: SL_Photography / iStock.

32. Black Lives Matter mural

This street mural was created by area artists during the June 2020 Capitol Hill Organized Protest in Seattle. The colorful letters on Pine Street in the Capitol Hill neighborhood were made a permanent installation by the city later that year.

Image Credit: Jon Fisch.

33. Atacama Desert, Chile

Deep in Chile’s Atacama Desert, one of the world’s driest deserts, a pair of campers settle in for the night. You can see the sand illuminated by the light of the fire.

Image Credit: Abriendomundo / iStock.

34. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This shot of Dubai shows a man walking on a desert road toward the city. The combination of fog and swirling sand make it a truly one-of-a-kind shot.

Image Credit: Travel Wild / iStock.

35. Atacama Desert solar panels

We’re traveling back to the Atacama Desert for this shot of solar panels.  The sun gleams over the panels as it snuggles in for the night behind mountains of sand.

Image Credit: Abriendomundo / iStock.

36. The Holy Heart Land, Thailand

The Holy Heart Land, or Thung Thalay Luang in Sukhothai, Thailand, is so named because it’s shaped like a heart. This shot shows off the small island and the vast Yom River surrounding it.

Image Credit: Nymphoenix / iStock.

37. Netherlands storm surge

This storm surge barrier in the Netherlands vents water to stop flooding after heavy rains and high tides. The shot perfectly captures the moment the surge kicks in and starts pumping water away from the nearby road.

Image Credit: CloudVisual / iStock.

38. Moscow public park

This overhead shot of a public city park in Moscow shows the intrinsic designs of the green landscape contrasted with the neighboring city. If you look closely, you can see a colorfully designed section of the park with a rainbow and clouds near the bottom right corner.

Image Credit: Nikita Birzhakov / iStock.

39. Cherry blossoms at sunset

The cherry blossoms on the University of Washington campus are especially beautiful in this sunset photo with Mount Rainier in the background.

Image Credit: Jon Fisch.

40. Finland bridge over water

This drone shot shows off a lone car braving this desolate bridge over a waterway in Finland. You can see the light hit the ripples of the dark water as the car travels by.

Image Credit: Wmaster890 / iStock.

41. Foggy Dubai

This overhead view of downtown Dubai shows off the foggy skyline on a winter day. Peeking underneath the skyscrapers are city streets, barely visible over all the fog.

Image Credit: Kertu_ee / iStock.

42. Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City, Singapore

This top-down view shows off the financial district of downtown Singapore. In the center is the Fountain of Wealth, a famous attraction for tourists and locals alike.

Image Credit: Diversity Studio / iStock.

43. Rainbow bridge

This abandoned train trestle near Olympia, Washington, is also known as Rainbow Railroad because it was painted in rainbow colors. There’s not a lot of information out there about who did it or why, but plenty of curiosity seekers make the hike to see the bridge.

Image Credit: Jon Fisch.

44. Hong Kong financial district

The Hong Kong financial district looks like a processor for a computer when shot from overhead. Neat blocks of buildings are outlined by busy city streets and cars traveling in the downtown district.

Image Credit: Tampatra / iStock.

45. Eiffel Tower queue

You’ve seen photos of the Eiffel Tower, but what about the line to get into it? A swirl of people wait their turn to see the famous structure, snaking through the street because of how long it is.

Image Credit: Exaklaus-photos / iStock.

46. Icelandic volcanic crater

This shot shows off yet another Icelandic volcano, this time in the country’s Highlands region. You can see the volcanic crater surrounded by waves of purple-maroon sand, green pastures and waterways.

Image Credit: Lukas Bischoff / iStock.

47. Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Portugal

This birdseye view of Portugal’s Islet of Vila Franca do Campo shows off an underwater volcano, centered in the heart of San Miguel Island. A boat cruises at the edge of thef frame in the right corner.

Image Credit: Aroxopt / iStock.

48. Ayia Napa, Cyprus maze park

In Ayia Napa, Cyprus, a maze in a local botanical garden is shot from above. Sunny shadows peek through the natural design, which features a sole tall tree in the middle of it.

Image Credit: TPopova / iStock.

49. Oh, hi!

This drone photographer caught a lone seal swimming in the crystal clear waters near Tacoma, Washington. Makes you want to jump right in with him!

Image Credit: Jon Fisch.

50. Horses at a farm

A group of horses are accompanied by their shadows in a stable. While we don’t know the location of this epic shot, the shadowy horses and fencing contrast with the ombre-colored dirt, creating an outstanding perspective of farm life.


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