Give your brain a tease: Can you find the 7 hidden dogs in this picture?


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We can’t seem to get enough of these hidden picture brainteasers. When you’re looking for a quick break from work or whatever is running you ragged, taking a few moments for a fun distraction can be just enough to get you back on track.

And what better escape than to put yourself in a picture of a beautiful park on a fall day, looking for adorable dogs? This hidden object picture puzzle, provided by Spin Genie UK, challenges players to find seven dogs playing in the park.


seven hidden dogs
Spin Genie UK

At first glance, this puzzle lulls you into complacency because a couple of the dogs are in plain sight. But the rest of those pesky pups won’t make it easy on the seeker. A lot is going on in this park!

According to the puzzle creators at Spin Genie UK, it took 38% of people more than 30 seconds to spot all hidden dogs and an additional 15% of people more than a minute. The repetition of colors and fine details in this picture do an excellent job of hiding the dogs we need to find.

If you get stumped and cannot find all seven dogs, we’ve got you covered. Spin Genie sent us a link to the puzzle’s solution here.

Once you’re finished with that brainteaser, here are a couple more autumn pictures to test your seeking skills.

Here’s another one from Spin Genie UK where you must find six hidden pumpkins on a playground.

Spin Genie UK

We think this one is a little easier than the dog puzzle, but a few of them are still tricky to find. Need a little help? You can find the solution here!

Finally, let’s look at a brain game from the online viral puzzle master Dudolf. This one has four apples cleverly hidden among a mass of autumn leaves.

This puzzle is not for the faint of heart — or eyesight. It’s the most challenging game we’ve tried in a while!

If you want to test your apple-finding skills against the creator, check out his video countdown to find the solution in under 11 seconds.

Happy hunting!

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