Apparently, we’ve all been eating our burgers the wrong way

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Buckle up. We are entering the upside-down. And this time, it has come for your burger.

The American casual dining chain TGI Fridays, which recently rebranded as just Fridays, wants you to know how to eat your burgers correctly. And what is correct? Why, upside down, of course. Just flip them on over and dig in. Yes, you might look odd, but Fridays assures it is for your own good.

The restaurant chain recently launched the “Flip It Challenge” campaign to educate people that the best way to eat a burger is by flipping it upside down.

Here’s the logic behind this theory:

Your hamburger has a top and bottom bun, each with different absorbency, thickness, and condiment /veggie support levels. So, according to Fridays, you should flip the thicker, more absorbent bun on top to the bottom.

“According to our experts, “The thicker top bun soaks up the burger juices, helping keep that flavor in for longer,”the restaurant explained on their official Instagram account.

“It also means that your tongue meets the toppings first and the burger second,” the post reads.

Is Fridays proposing a burger revolution?  Should we burn everything we think we know about finger foods to the ground?