You can still thank Betty White for being a friend on Facebook


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My world has been a little darker since Dec. 31, as I’m sure yours probably has been, too. After all, it’s the day the incomparable Betty White left us all to figure out the rest of life on our own. So far? Not so good. The world is falling apart in her absence. There’s no use denying it. Betty was the glue that held it all together. We always suspected it, and now we know.

However there might be just a hint of hope, a tiny light in the darkness her void has left. You see — and I pause for effect — Betty White’s Facebook page is alive well!

It’s the truth.

Betty had this assistant, Kiersten, who understood all too well how dark the world could, nay, WOULD become without the light and … protection (is that too strong a word? I think not) that Betty solidly and reliably provided.

Kiersten, who must have absorbed some of Betty’s instinct for making people feel like they might survive this world and even occasionally laugh along the way, did an amazing thing. She hoped to keep Betty alive for all of us in the only way she could. So, Kiersten requested, and was given permission by, Betty White’s estate to take over the beloved star’s much followed social media accounts.

Yes! Yes, she did. And we love her for it.

Kiersten began posting on Betty’s Facebook page on Jan. 17, and it was a delight to get that notification.

Kiersten hopes to keep Betty’s accounts, and in a way Betty herself, alive for all of us. Her first post was one of the last photos taken of Betty in mid December. She looks beautiful and radiant, and as always, like she only wants the best for us.

Kiersten plans to move forward with the idea of posting pictures and funny stories from Betty’s colorful past and I, for one, am here for it!

I have to feel that Betty herself is here for it too….just in a different way.

Thank you, Kiersten. Thank you for bringing a little bit of Betty back to the world. We need her.

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