The 25 safest cities in America


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There are many threats to safety in the United States, ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic through natural disasters to mass shootings and traffic accidents.

There are also risks beyond hazards that can cause physical harm, like taking out an unaffordable second mortgage, forgoing health insurance and visiting unsecured websites. The cost of inflation, which reached a four-decade high this year, is another major concern for many Americans who fear for their financial stability.

Wallethub compared more than 180 cities across 42 key indicators of safety to determine where Americans can feel most secure. Their data set ranges from the percentage of fully vaccinated residents and assaults per capita to the unemployment rate and road quality.

Here are the 25 safest cities in America.

Pembroke Pines
Pearl City, Hawaii

24. Pearl City, Hawaii

Total Score: 79.48

Home & Community Safety: 2

Natural-Disaster Risk: N/A

Financial Safety: 10

Manchester, New Hampshire
John Phelan / Wiki Commons

23. Manchester, New Hampshire

Total Score: 79.51

Home & Community Safety: 53

Natural-Disaster Risk: 30

Financial Safety: 16


Cedar Rapids
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22. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Total Score: 79.53

Home & Community Safety: 28

Natural-Disaster Risk: 101

Financial Safety: 32


21. Boise, Idaho

Total Score: 79.56

Home & Community Safety:38

Natural-Disaster Risk: 71

Financial Safety: 23


Brownsville, Texas

20. Brownsville, Texas

Total Score: 79.70

Home & Community Safety: 22

Natural-Disaster Risk: 2

Financial Safety: 153

Scottsdale, Arizona
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19. Scottsdale, Arizona

Total Score: 79.75

Home & Community Safety: 35

Natural-Disaster Risk: 53

Financial Safety: 41

Virginia Beach, Virginia
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18. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Total Score: 79.85

Home & Community Safety: 20

Natural-Disaster Risk: 44

Financial Safety: 100

Fremont, California

17.Fremont, California

Total Score: 79.98

Home & Community Safety: 10

Natural-Disaster Risk: 157

Financial Safety: 5

Chandler, Arizona
South Burlington, Vermont

15. South Burlington, Vermont

Total Score: 80.25

Home & Community Safety:59

Natural-Disaster Risk:36

Financial Safety: 3

Bismarck, North Dakota
Nathan Livedalen / iStock

14. Bismarck, North Dakota

Total Score: 80.51

Home & Community Safety: 37

Natural-Disaster Risk: 64

Financial Safety: 18

Madison, Wisconsin

13. Madison, Wisconsin

Total Score: 80.92

Home & Community Safety: 15

Natural-Disaster Risk: 89

Financial Safety: 49

Winston-Salem, NC
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12. Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Total Score: 81.03

Home & Community Safety: 26

Natural-Disaster Risk: 40

Financial Safety: 59

Juneau, Alaska

11. Juneau, Alaska

Total Score: 81.39

Home & Community Safety: 60

Natural-Disaster Risk: 50

Financial Safety: 1

Lewiston, Maine

10. Lewiston, Maine

Total Score: 81.40

Home & Community Safety: 33

Natural-Disaster Risk: 12

Financial Safety: 21

Raleigh, North Carolina
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9. Raleigh, North Carolina

Total Score: 81.46

Home & Community Safety: 19

Natural-Disaster Risk: 55

Financial Safety: 24

Burlington, VT
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8. Burlington, Vermont

Total Score: 81.90

Home & Community Safety: 27

Natural-Disaster Risk: 37

Financial Safety: 11

Gilbert, Arizona
Wikipedia/Marine 69-71

7. Gilbert, Arizona

Total Score: 82.04

Home & Community Safety:12

Natural-Disaster Risk: 14

Financial Safety: 60

Yonkers, New York
Mark Carosiello / iStock
Warwick, Rhode Island
Dietmar Rabich / Wiki Commons

5. Warwick, Rhode Island

Total Score: 83.19

Home & Community Safety: 5

Natural-Disaster Risk: 22

Financial Safety: 98

Portland Maine
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4. Portland, Maine

Total Score: 83.49

Home & Community Safety: 16

Natural-Disaster Risk: 11

Financial Safety:  8

Laredo, Texas
Not home/Wikimedia Commons

3. Laredo, Texas

Total Score: 83.96

Home & Community Safety: 4

Natural-Disaster Risk: 24

Financial Safety:  107

Nashua NH
Jon Platek

2. Nashua, New Hampshire

Total Score: 84.44

Home & Community Safety: 11

Natural-Disaster Risk: 27

Financial Safety: 2

Columbia, Maryland
Preservation Maryland / Wiki Commons

1. Columbia, Maryland

Total Score: 85.99

Home & Community Safety: 1

Natural-Disaster Risk: 63

Financial Safety: 92

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In order to determine the safest cities in which to live, WalletHub compared 182 cities — including the 150 most populated U.S. cities, plus at least two of the most populated cities in each state — across three key dimensions: 1) Home & Community Safety, 2) Natural-Disaster Risk, and 3) Financial Safety.

They evaluated those dimensions using 42 relevant metrics, which are listed below with their corresponding weights. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the highest level of safety.

WalletHub then determined each city’s weighted average across all metrics to calculate its overall score and used the resulting scores to rank-order their sample. In determining the sample, WalletHub considered only the city proper in each case, excluding cities in the surrounding metro area.

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