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This list of the Best Cocktail Books is perfect for any home bartender, mixology enthusiast, or anybody who’s looking to learn more about the craft of the cocktail!

Over the years, we’ve gathered up our favorite books about cocktails. So, whether you’re gearing up to host some fabulous cocktail parties this year or just trying to expand your cocktail recipes, we’ve got just the thing!

This list of the best cocktail books will be invaluable for parties.

Best Cocktail Books in 2023

Here’s our list of the very best bartending books out there – and they are all available on Amazon. Ideal gift ideas for the drink enthusiast in your life!

The Art of Mixology

With over 200 cocktails included, this recipe book from Parragon Books includes modern classic cocktails as well as unique drinks you’re going to love. You’ll become the head bartender of your own home with this easy-to-follow cocktail recipe book.


Perfect as a starting point, The Art of Mixology will have something for everybody to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a cocktail lover or a way to expand your own recipe box, this book is a guaranteed hit.

It includes gorgeous images to go along with your cocktails so you know exactly what you’re aiming for in regards to presentation. Pick up a copy and start exploring new cocktail horizons today!

Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails

This collection of tropical beverages from Shannon Mustipher is a real trip into the world of exotic and vibrant cocktails. It’s filled with a delightful fusion of mixology expertise and cultural insights.

Mustipher takes readers on an adventure through the art of delicious Tiki cocktails.


The book includes a collection of over 60 recipes, each crafted to capture the essence of the Tiki experience. From classic favorites to contemporary twists, Mustipher’s innovative drinks showcase her mastery of flavor combinations.

The recipes are accompanied by stunning photos, enticing readers to try their hand at creating these soon-to-be favorites.

The Essential Cocktail Book: Complete Guide to Modern Drinks

A favorite cocktail book of many written by Megan Krigbaum, this book offers an huge collection of 150 cocktail recipes. It covers a wide spectrum of flavors, types of alcohol, and techniques.

Krigbaum’s approach to cocktail crafting is both informative and accessible. This book an excellent choice for beginner mixologists.


The recipes are well-organized and include detailed instructions for easy replication. Looking for classic cocktails or contemporary creations? The Essential Cocktail Book has it all.

Beyond the recipes, the book provides insights into the history and culture of cocktails, offering a deeper understanding of the craft.

Cocktail Codex

With the full title Cocktail Codex: Fundamentals, Formulas, Evolutions, this recipe book for cocktail lovers might seem intimidating. Don’t let that discourage you!

Authors Alex Day, Nick Fauchald, and David Kaplan have made a detailed guide to making modern classics and understanding crucial mixology techniques.


This book adopts a special approach by categorizing the cocktails into six fundamental templates. Each represents a specific basic “formula”. Through these formulas, the authors dive into the art of cocktail recipes and beverage creation.

This book encourages readers to experiment and create their own variations, which simplifies the mixology. This makes it easier for both beginners and experienced mixologists alike!

Drink Like a Man

Need a cocktail recipe book with a refined and masculine touch? Authors Ross McCammon and David Wondrich give us 125 cocktail recipes including 13 crucial drinks that every mixologist should know how to make.

With a focus on simplicity and approachability, this book breaks down the art of cocktail making for those new to the world of mixology.


The book features a curated collection of classic and contemporary cocktails, each presented with witty but clear instructions. McCammon’s and Wondrich’s writing style is both informative and entertaining.

What sets Drink Like a Man apart is its down-to-earth approach. The authors encourage readers to embrace their individual tastes and experiment with flavors.

Best Cocktail books for the diy home bartender.

More on our List of Best Cocktail Books

The New Craft of the Cocktail

This book by Dale DeGroff, is an all-encompassing guide that explores an immersive path through the art of cocktail making. DeGroff, a renowned mixologist, shares his vast knowledge and expertise in this book.

With over 500 recipes, readers are introduced to a diverse collection of cocktails, from classic favorites to innovative creations.


With gorgeous photography from Daniel Krieger, The New Craft of the Cocktail dives into mixology history, techniques, and principles. The book’s layout is organized and user-friendly, making it easy for readers to navigate.

Each recipe is accompanied by detailed instructions, insights, and beautiful visuals that bring the cocktails to life.

The Bar Book

Jeffrey Morgenthaler, a respected bartender and industry expert, distills the art of cocktail making into its fundamental elements. He covers specific techniques that range from muddling to shaking and stirring.

The book goes beyond recipes, focusing on the mechanics and even the science behind each technique. This makes it a valuable tool for amateur and expert cocktail enthusiasts alike.


The Bar Book is more than a collection of recipes; it’s a comprehensive guide that deepens your understanding of cocktail construction.

Whether you’re a home bartender or a professional who’s spent countless hours behind a cocktail bar, this book gives you the skills to elevate your cocktail creations.

With its emphasis on technique, precision, and creativity, this book is a must-have for anyone passionate about the art of mixology.

The Aviary Cocktail Book

“The Aviary Cocktail Book” by Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas is a deep dive into innovation and creativity in mixology. It pushes the boundaries of what a cocktail can be.

Achatz and Kokonas, known for their groundbreaking strides in the culinary world, bring their visionary approach to cocktails to the masses.

With meticulous attention to detail, the book showcases over 100 innovative cocktail recipes that redefine the art of drink-making.


The book is a work of art, with beautiful photography that captures the essence of the cocktails. Each recipe is presented as a unique experience. Often this involves intricate presentations, unexpected ingredients, and cutting-edge techniques based on molecular gastronomy.

The Aviary Cocktail Book is a deep dive into the realm of avant-garde cocktails that blur the line between science and art.

While some recipes may require specialized equipment and ingredients, the book offers inspiration and insights that can be applied to any level of cocktail making.

The Ultimate Bar Book

This book by Mittie Hellmich is an encyclopedic jackpot for cocktail lovers. Whether you’re looking for recipes or mixology insights you’ll find it. With over 1,000 cocktail recipes, this book caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Everything from classic cocktails to elegant modern drinks, this book is a versatile resource for both beginners and experienced mixologists.


The book’s organization is awesome, with recipes grouped by type and accompanied by clear instructions and engaging stories. The visually appealing layout and vibrant photographs add to its appeal.

What makes The Ultimate Bar Book truly special is its sheer volume of cocktail recipes, making it a go-to reference for parties, gatherings, and experimentation. Whether you’re in the mood for a timeless favorite or a creative twist, this book will deliver with ease.

The Savoy Cocktail Book

This book from Harry Craddock is a timeless classic that preserves the legacy of cocktails and mixology from the golden age of bartending.

Originally published in the 1930s, it still remains a beloved resource for cocktail enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Craddock, a well-known and iconic bartender, compiled a huge list of cocktail recipes that reflect the elegance and sophistication of the time. The book features a vast array of classic cocktails, each presented with a sense of charm and history.


The Savoy Cocktail Book is lauded for its historical significance and the window it provides into the past. The book serves as a portal to the glamorous world of the Jazz Age, where classic cocktails were crafted with precision and flair.

Whether you’re a cocktail historian, a classic enthusiast, or simply looking to up your mixology skills, read this book. It’s a trip back in time to an era of elegance and artistry. It will continue to inspire and delight cocktail lovers today.

Meehan’s Bartender Manual

Jim Meehan has constructed an essential guide that mixes the artistry of mixology with the practical knowledge needed to become a skilled bartender. Meehan, a prominent figure in the cocktail industry, shares his wealth of experience in this detailed guide that deserves its place among the best cocktail books.

It covers a wide range of topics, from cocktail history and technique to bar setup and hospitality, making it a great resource for both aspiring and professional bartenders. The book is thoughtfully organized, with detailed instructions, illustrations, and photographs that enhance the learning experience.


Meehan’s Bartender Manual focuses on a holistic approach to bartending. It goes beyond recipes, focusing on the philosophy and artistry behind cocktail making. Meehan’s insights into bar culture and customer interactions add depth to the book.

Meehan’s combination of practical advice, historical context, and personal expertise make this book an invaluable resource for those looking to master the art of cocktails.

The Essential Bar Book for Home Mixologists

This is one of the best books on cocktails for anybody seeking to start their mixology journey in the comfort of their own home. User-friendly and informative, this book will empower you to craft cocktails with confidence.

Amy Traynor’s approach is accessible, making this book ideal for beginners. It covers everything from staple beverages to sleek contemporary creations.

Each recipe is accompanied by clear instructions, making it easy to make the drinks at home. Plus, the book is organized by kinds of alcohol to easily find what you’re looking for.

Traynor’s writing style is inviting, creating a sense of camaraderie between the reader and the author. The Essential Bar Book is an excellent resource for home mixologists looking to up their cocktail game.

Traynor’s guidance and her passion for mixology, will help readers create impressive cocktails and entertain with elegance.

Whiskey Cocktails

If you’re looking specifically for a whiskey cocktail book, Whiskey Cocktails features a diverse selection of over 100 recipes. From old school, classic concoctions to innovative modern creations, readers are treated to a journey through the world of whiskey cocktails.

The book explores unique and lesser-known whiskey varieties, allowing readers to discover new flavors and combinations. The book’s layout includes beautifully photographed drinks. Any whiskey lover will enjoy this book, making it a perfect gift.

Whiskey Cocktails is a must-have for whiskey enthusiasts, offering a wealth of inspiration and knowledge that will elevate appreciation of this timeless spirit.

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