The Best Things to Keep on Your Nightstand for a Good Night’s Sleep


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You may have heard that less is more when it comes to the items you keep in your bedroom. But what about your bedroom nightstand? Well, it turns out the items you put on your nightstand or in your bedside table drawers can have an impact on your sleep. 

Below, we’ll cover some of the best items to keep by your bedside for improved sleep. Go ahead and consider this the ultimate go-to guide for nightstand drawer essentials.

What to keep on your nightstand

Wondering what to put in your bedside table drawers or keep on top of your nightstand? Here are some nightstand drawer essentials for your bedroom.

1. Book

One of the best ways to unwind after a long day is to curl up with a good book. Although it may be tempting to fire up your phone or turn on the TV, the blue light emitted from devices may mess with your circadian rhythm. 

A better option would be to grab a book instead. Whether you enjoy a good book or prefer to catch up on your favorite magazine articles, reading material is a nightstand drawer essential. 

If you prefer to catch up on your reading digitally, then adjust your devices to nighttime mode so the light is softer on your screen, which can be helpful before bed.

2. Candle

Soft lighting from candles can be especially soothing before bedtime. Candles are also perfect for those bookworms who may want to read before bed. Select an unscented candle—or, if you enjoy certain scents before bed, then opt for something you find calming. 

A classic option for relaxation is lavender. Also, select candles made from beeswax, coconut wax, or soy. These ingredients are better for you and your home. Oh, and don’t forget to blow the candle out before bedtime!

3. Lip balm

One of the worst things after crawling into bed is realizing your lips feel a little chapped—which means you have to get out of your cozy comforter and figure out where your lip balm could be hiding. 

Avoid the potential search through coat pockets, gym bags, and purses and keep a lip balm on your bedside table. This item is definitely one of those nightstand drawer essentials you’ll want to have nearby.

4. Earplugs

Do you sleep with a snoring partner or find yourself being woken up in the middle of the night by loud noises? Consider a pair of reusable earplugs as another one of those nightstand drawer essentials you need to keep stocked on your bedside table.

5. Essential oil diffuser

If you’re worried you’ll forget to blow out those candles before bedtime, then add an essential oil diffuser to your list of what to put on your bedside table. 

Choose your favorite scents and turn the timer on for a short burst of fresh fragrance or set it to low and slow so you can enjoy puffs of relaxing scents all night long.

6. Glass of water

What’s worse than needing your lip balm before bed and not having it close by? Needing a few small sips of water before bed with no glass in sight. If you’re wondering what to put on your bedside table, then a glass of water should be high on your list. 

Be sure to hydrate throughout the day, though. If you leave all of your hydrating until right before bed, then you’ll most likely be up and running to the bathroom in the middle of the night, which can mess with your sleep.

7. Moisturizer

If you enjoy a warm bath or shower before bed, then your skin is going to need some hydration. That means you should stock your nightstand drawer with your favorite lotions, including body butter, foot cream, or hand lotion—maybe even all three.

8. Notebook and pen

A notebook and pen are surely nightstand drawer essentials. They’re especially a good pairing if you like to journal before bed or you get flooded with thoughts about everything you need to get done the next day before you fall asleep. 

Instead of letting those swirling thoughts keep you up at night, jot them down and get them out of your head so you can catch some quality Z’s.

9. Pain relief lotion

Whether you’re active in the gym or generally lead a busy, on-the-go lifestyle, you may experience achy, sore, and tired muscles at night. 

This is why another nightstand drawer essential is pain relief lotion. Take a small amount, rub it on any sore spots before bed, and let the relief sink in. Ahhh.

10. Pillow spray

One of the best scents before bedtime is the smell of clean linens and freshly washed sheets. Unfortunately, that quickly fades. 

Keep bedding, blankets, and pillows smelling fresh, not to mention relaxing, with some softly scented pillow spray. Scents like lavender are sure to whisk you away as you drift off to dreamland.

11. Pink Himalayan salt lamp

If soft lighting before bed can help set the mood for better sleep, then consider adding a pink Himalayan salt lamp to your bedside table. 

Not only does it provide lighting for some before-bed reading but it also acts as a subtle night light if you find yourself needing to get up in the middle of the night. Plus, salt therapy can have some respiratory benefits that may improve sleep.

Keep these sleep masks on your nightstand to improve your snooze

Silk Eye Mask

Drift into dreamland with our sleep-enhancing eye mask made of the finest quality mulberry silk. It keeps light out for more uninterrupted sleep—no matter where you are.

Weighted Silk Eye Mask

Drift into dreamland with our sleep-enhancing weighted eye mask made of the finest quality mulberry silk. It blocks out light for more restful sleep as it gives your eyes the calming, therapeutic effect of deep pressure stimulation.

12. Sleep mask

Another nightstand drawer essential is most definitely a

Sleep masks can help block out any annoying or bothersome light that may keep you up at night, which can ultimately lead you to a better night’s sleep.

13. Socks

Cold feet can keep you up at night, which is why it’s a good idea to throw one or two fuzzy pairs of comfy socks on your nightstand or in a bedside table drawer.

14. Sunrise alarm clock 

If you’re tempted to mindlessly scroll on your phone before bedtime, then you may want to get your phone and other devices out of the bedroom. How are you going to set your alarm then? 

Move your phone to another room before bed and set up a sunrise alarm clock so you can wake up to the rhythm of the rising sun. No need for fancy phones. Just set your early morning wake-up time and you’re all set to greet the sunrise.

15. Supplements

Days are busy and calendars are crazy, so if the only time you remember to take your supplements is right before bed, then leave them on your bedside table. That includes any sleep supplements that may help you fall asleep faster, such as magnesium.

16. White noise machine

If you prefer not to use earplugs but need some sort of background noise to help you fall asleep faster, then consider adding a white noise machine to your list of nightstand drawer essentials. 

Whether you choose a soft gentle rainfall or the crashing waves of the ocean, you can select a sound that will lull you to sleep so you can snooze better and wake up feeling refreshed.


What do you put in your nightstand drawers?

Some items you should think about putting in your nightstand drawers or on top of your bedside table include books, candles, lip balms, earplugs, essential oil diffusers, journals, pillow sprays, sleep masks, socks, sunrise alarm clocks, and white noise machines. 

What does a nightstand need?

A nightstand should have sleep-inducing items in it or on top of it to help you get the shuteye you need. These items include things like candles, pillow sprays, sleep masks, sunrise alarm clocks, and white noise machines. 

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