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FinCon is a conference for content creators in the finance industry, and it moves its location within the US every year.

The best part of the conference is the people that you meet.

This is the Digital Honey list of a few people that I met at FinCon that you may want to follow.

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1. The Money Ninja

John Pham is the founder of The Money Ninja where he helps people maximize their finances by showing them how to make more money, save it better, and spend it wisely. The site focuses on personal finances with content covering popular topics about banking, credit cards, investing, mobile apps, and cryptocurrency.

Before launching his brand in 2019, Pham held various corporate finance and strategy roles at several Fortune 100 companies. He has a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Venture Creation and an MBA from the University of New Hampshire.

The Money Ninja

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2. Money Done Right

Money Done Right is a personal finance blog launched in 2017 by Logan Allec, CPA.  In addition to publishing pieces on general personal finance know-how, Money Done Right also creates in-depth reviews and comparisons of various financial products, particularly investing and money-saving apps.

Money Done Right

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3. Top Mobile Banks

TopMobileBanks is the largest site about digital and online banking. Here you can find helpful guides on how to use digital banks, online money transfer services, and general information on how fintech companies are growing around the world.

Whether you are looking to switch to a new digital-only bank or looking for more knowledge in the fintech space – the site will get you covered.

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4. Money Hacking Mama

Rachel Jimenez from Money Hacking Mama started a 6-figure side hustle while working full time, going to school, and having two kids under 3 at home.

She shares epic money hacks (like this post where she shares 75 of them that will save you a fortune), in-depth business tips (like how to start a 6-figure Etsy store), and blogs about the psychology of success.

Money Hacking Mama

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5. Yore Oyster

Yore Oyster is a finance blog based in Canada. Although Canada’s financial system is very similar to the US, credit cards, bank accounts, and investments work a little differently.

Yore Oyster’s founder, Jordan Bishop, is a Canadian expat living in Turkey. He used to work at the “Big 4” accounting firm KPMG, and he has traveled around the world. When he talks about travel hacking, it’s from experience!

Yore Oyster

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6. The Credit Review

At The Credit Review, we focus on publishing content to help our audience compare financial services in a variety of verticals including consumer/business lending and credit improvement.

Our priority is highlighting fintechs who are innovating on the customer experience. We’re always looking to work with other publishers or financial experts on collaborations.

The Credit Review

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7. Clifton Corbin is a resource for parents who want to give their kids the gift of financial knowledge even if they are not a money expert!

He is also the author of Your Kids, Their Money.

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8. Home Tips for Women offers insight & inspiration to help you protect the investment you’ve made in your home. By explaining preventive maintenance that can reduce repair costs and extend the life of major (and expensive) home systems, you’ll have more money to update your home to enhance your lifestyle at home.

HomeTips focuses on the concepts and words used to describe anything home, from buying and financing your first home to remodeling or building a new house.

It’s written by Tina Gleisner, who’s owned 15 houses (and counting) and ran a handyman business; you’ll get homeowner nuts and bolts from an expert.

Home Tips for Women

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9. Retire Before Dad

Craig Stephens founded Retire Before Dad to track his progress towards early retirement. He wondered if he could retire earlier than his dad did, at age 56. By carefully building multiple income streams, including his stock dividend and real estate crowdfunding portfolio, he’s well on his way to beating his goal.

If you’re interested in learning about how to manage your own retirement portfolio, Craig put together really interesting resources around dividend stock investing here:

And he also has another site around investing in IPOs (initial public offerings of stocks). He has an interesting resource around that here:

Retire Before Dad

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10. Best Money Class Ever

Looking for a roadmap with money? Best Money Class Ever is a live and virtual 4-week personal finance class. You’ll learn a step-by-step plan to pay off debt and invest. Go from being stressed and unorganized with money to becoming Chief Financial Officer and managing your money like a boss.

The class was created by Finance grad, Carly DeFelice. She paid off $35k and saved $100k by 26 (earning only average pay). If she can do it, so can you! All you need is a little financial education and a solid plan.

Best Money Class Ever

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11. The Darwinian Doctor

Daniel Shin, aka The Darwinian Doctor, is a board-certified surgeon, real estate investor, and educator. He will teach you to reach financial freedom.

The Darwinian Doctor

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12. Wendie Veloz

Wendie Veloz creates resources and tools for impact-driven entrepreneurs to grow their business or nonprofit. She focuses on money mindset, social entrepreneurship, and creating social change by leveraging innovation and technology.

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13. Side Hustling Money is the site to go about learning how to make money on the side. There are countless side hustles out there and many people aren’t familiar with all the ways they can make money.

At the same time, there are options out there that are more hassle than hustle. I’ll help you find a fun side gig that brings in a steady income every month. For example, did you know you can make money from soda can tabs or even texting? If you’re willing to hustle, you can make money.

Side Hustling Money

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14. Off Hour Hustle

Off Hour Hustle is a blog dedicated to everything that you can do to earn more money outside your 9-5 to reach financial freedom. Whether it’s by investing, having various side hustles, travel hacking, or more, this blog will teach you how to maneuver your way through everything related to personal finance.

Off Hour Hustle

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15. The Money Outlaw

The Money Outlaw is about how to make a living and grow wealth while essentially being unemployed. The core focus of the philosophy is freelance entrepreneurship, alternative investing in real estate, notes, options, and other assets that elude Wall Street.

Finally, figuring out how systems work and maneuvering in and around them, i.e., ways to cut your taxes and protect yourself from inflation. Weaving all of these elements together into a way of life that lets you earn income, build wealth and enjoy personal freedom is what I call the Money Outlaw life!

The Money Outlaw

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