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Dog lovers are a different breed. We all have a few dog parents in our lives who love their fur babies like their children. With the holidays rolling around, it’s a perfect time to get them gifts that celebrate the bond between human and pooch. Some of these gifts are more for the human, but some will appeal to man’s best friend. If you can snag a decent photo of your loved one’s dog, you can truly take some of these gift suggestions to the next level. Let’s check out some great gifts for dog lovers that all come in under $100.

Dog fart candle2 / 25

BoldCoastCandleCo / Etsy

1. Dog Fart Candle

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Price: $12+ (depending on size)

Let’s face it. Dogs fart. And their farts can really kill the mood and clear a room. This candle aims to help. Light it when the dog farts to cover up the stink with a slew of far more appealing scents. You’ll get a huge range of scents here, from festive Christmas tree and apple harvest to more out-there scents like beach breeze and cozy sweater (which apparently “smells just like your favorite guy’s sweater”). You could also try gingerbread spice, pumpkin chai, blackberry vanilla, cinnamon roll, fresh linens, island vacation, spiced vanilla honey and more.

It’s $12 for the smallest candle, which is 3.5 ounces, $19 for seven ounces or $30 for 13 ounces. You could easily buy several different scents and spread the love this holiday season. The seller claims even the smallest version of the candle can last a hardy 20 hours. This handmade soy candle will cover up smells and make for a cozy winter day during the holidays. You can even customize the jar with the offending pet’s name so that every time you have to light this candle, everyone knows whose fault it is.

Dog Mom Socks3 / 25

ItsYourTurnSocks / Etsy

2. Dog Mom Socks

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Price: $12

Snag these comfy, thick socks for the dog mom in your life. You’ll keep her toes toasty no matter how blustery the holiday season gets this year. And she’ll get a chuckle out of it every time she looks down at her feet. The socks have messages on the bottom. One foot says “Sorry, I can’t” and the other explains, “I have plans with my dog.” No more excuses necessary; your dog-loving friend can simply show off their socks and cozy up with their beloved pet guilt-free.

These cotton-wool blend socks fit women’s shoe sizes 5-9. They have a little bit of stretch for a comfortable fit. Choose from several colors, including mocha, pine, maroon, pink, light gray, olive, light green, blue and charcoal. Act fast. Popular colors swiftly sell out when it comes to this gift.

“All I Need Is Coffee And My Dog” Sweater4 / 25

ExqApparel / Etsy

3. “All I Need Is Coffee And My Dog” Sweater

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Price: $26.50 (depending on sizing)

While you’re helping the dog-lover in your life bundle up this winter season, check out this super comfy unisex sweater. Just about any pet parent in your life will appreciate the sentiment printed across the shirt: “All I Need Is Coffee And My Dog.” The cut is great for a range of body types, too, and the sizes span a unisex small up to a unisex 2XL. Whether your loved one enjoys flashy colors or calm, muted tones, you can find it here. The sweater comes in black, white, military green, red, maroon, light pink, sport gray, Carolina blue or sand.

Dog Breeds Ornament5 / 25

HoundWorks / Etsy

4. Dog Breeds Ornament

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Price: $21.99

No matter what kind of dog your pet-loving companion has, you will find it here. This dog breed ornament comes in more than 100 different dog breeds and mixes, from Alaskan malamutes to bulldogs to shih tzus to rottweilers and more. You can have a cute ornament of a pug, a poodle, a saluki, a Welsh terrier and everything in between.

And for a little bit extra ($26.99 total) you can get the ornament engraved so it’s personalized with the name of your loved one’s pet. They’ll hang this on their Christmas tree with pride for years to come. Select lovely American cherry, black walnut or white maple as the base material for the 4 x 3 ornament. You’ll still get to see that beautiful wood grain texture in the final product.

Custom Pet Portrait Phone Case6 / 25

NorthLegends / Etsy

5. Custom Pet Portrait Phone Case

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Price: $33.51+ (depending on the number of pets)

We may not be able to take our pets everywhere we go, but we sure take our phones everywhere. The pet parents you’re buying for this holiday season can sneak their precious pooches right into their pockets with this custom pet portrait phone case. It suits a whole slew of phones, including several generators of iPhones, Google phones, Galaxies, Notes and more.

You will need a photo for this one, preferably a high resolution one. The drawing of the pet or pets will go on a clear silicone case that is not only heart-warming to look at, but also genuinely protects the phone. You get a discount for multiple pets. So while the first pet costs $33.51, two pets costs $46.91, all the way up to six pets for $100.54. That makes this a fantastic gift if you know someone with multiple dogs they adore.

Personalized Leash Holder7 / 25

RarjLaserCraftShop / Etsy

6. Personalized Leash Holder

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Price: $35+ (depending on the number of pets)

Every dog owner needs a leash – perhaps several if they have more than one dog. This gift is an ideal way to keep those leashes hanging up near the door for easy access. You can get a leash holder for one, two or three dogs (the price ranges from $35 for one dog up to $55 for three). The Baltic birch plywood comes in dark walnut, white satin or weathered gray. The raised lettering and doggie design makes for a cute overall look.

You can even customize this with the pet or pets’ names, as well as the dog silhouette that is closest to your loved one’s pet. The hooks sit on the embossed dogs like their tails, making for a charming design your loved one will delight in displaying.

Custom Door Mat8 / 25

YourWeddingPlace / Etsy

7. Custom Door Mat

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Price: $13.99 (depending on size)

Dog owners love to let their guests know right up front that they have a fur baby at home. This customizable door mat can help them do so. It features cute paw prints and the words “Welcome to – House. – live here too.” You can customize it for the name of the dog, as well as the names of the humans who “live here too.” This durable coir mat uses UV printed ink so it can hold up to normal usage outside a home. The smallest one is 18 x 12 for $13.99. Or pay $16.99 for 24 x 16 or $33.99 for 36 x 24.

Personalized Keyring9 / 25

LeoIvyCo / Etsy

8. Personalized Keyring

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Price: $7.31+ (depending on the number of name tags)

This cute keyring is a great stocking stuffer for friends and family who love their pets. It features a small tag that says “this human belongs to…” The other part of the keyring holds one to four name tags. Each name tag can display the name of a different pet. You will pay a little more for each additional name tag, but not much. One name tag costs $7.31, but the most expensive option, four name tags, still only comes in at $11.31, making this a cheap and easy gift that could brighten up your loved one’s entire holiday season. The wood design is simple, cute and perfect for just about anyone.

Best Dog Mom Ever Glass10 / 25

JMCreations18 / Etsy

9. Best Dog Mom Ever Glass

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Price: $10.95

Dog moms work hard. They deserve to be acknowledged for all they do. Help them kick back with this 15-ounce wine glass that pays tribute to the best dog mom ever. A paw print censors the spicy word in the middle.

You can choose a huge range of colors for that paw print to complement the black text on the rest of the glass. Select standard colors like brown, gray, pink, purple, blue, orange, red, green and yellow. Or go big and get one of the glitter colors, which includes glitter gold, glitter rose gold, glitter teal, glitter mint, glitter raspberry and so many money. Take it one step further and customize the glass with your loved one’s name (the price will rise to $11.95 if you select this option). The seller makes these glasses to order, so each one is special.

Custom Dog Notepad11 / 25

NewmansNewThings / Etsy

10. Custom Dog Notepad

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Price: $14.23+

This notepad really pushes customization to the max. The price ranges from $14.23 all the way up to $34.62 depending on the number of pets per page and the number of pages in the notepad. You can even add a magnet to any notepad so your giftee can hang it on their refrigerator. This 3.6 x 8.5-inch pad is great for jotting down a grocery or to-do list. And it’s adorable, too! Personalize it with the image of your loved one’s pet or pets. The notepad can display one to five pets per page, making every sheet a delight. Choose a small pad with 30 sheets, all the way up to a long-lasting notepad with 120 pages. The pages tear off easily so you can take along a list or reminder.

“All You Need Is Love And A Dog Named -” Towel12 / 25

BoAndBellaCo / Etsy

11. “All You Need Is Love And A Dog -” Towel

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Price: $13.49

There’s no shortage of customizable gifts on this list. This one is especially cute. Add the dog’s name to this towel so your loved one can declare that all they need is “love and a dog named -.” The cotton towel is best-suited to decorative uses, but it also comes in handy as an all-purpose kitchen towel.

However, it only comes in white, so kitchen spills can definitely stain it. Maybe that’s a good reason to grab a couple of these for your loved one. Each towel is 28 x 28 and machine washable. Hang it in the bathroom or on the stove, or set it out for guests to see when they come over for dinner.

Custom Dog and Cat Ring13 / 25

bqdjewelry / Etsy

12. Custom Dog and Cat Ring

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Price: $21.60+ (depending on style)

This one is great if you have a loved one who has a dog, a cat or possibly both! This ring can display one to five dogs, one to five cats, or all kinds of combinations therein. Show off two dogs and a cat, a big dog and a small dog, even three dogs and two cats.

The price will vary depending on the number and types of pets you arrange on the ring. All of this customization means these silver rings are made to order. You will also need to know your loved one’s U.S. ring size from four to 12. Despite all the crazy options here, the design is minimalist and sleek, offering a subtle reminder of man’s best friend in a form that’s easy to wear all the time.

“Saving Animals Is Kind Of My Thing” T-shirt14 / 25

PopularTeez / Etsy

13. “Saving Animals Is Kind Of My Thing” T-shirt

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Price: $14.99+ (depending on sizing)

Dog parents are often passionate about more than just their particular pup. Many are also lovers of animals in general. If you know a dog parent who takes their love of animals out into the world to try to help animals in need, this T-shirt would be a great holiday gift for them. It says “Saving Animals Is Kind Of My Thing” across the front.

The simple yet bold design gets the message across in a huge range of colors, including white, gray, black, berry, purple, teal, olive, maroon, pink, gold, autumn, orange, red, rust, navy, forest and so many more. The unisex shirt comes from extra small to 3XL. The seller also offers other similar gifts, including hoodies, V-necks, long sleeved shirts, tank tops, crop tops and more. Or pay $8.99 for a five sticker pack with this slogan on it.

Personalized Pet Bag15 / 25

bdactivewear / Etsy

14. Personalized Pet Bag

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Price: $12.95

This bag is great for a pet parent on the go. The heavy cotton canvas attaches to natural webbed straps so it can handle some weight. And it’s pretty big, too, at 15 x 15 x 3 inches. You can personalize it with one word, such as a pet’s name. The name will also have a small paw print beside it. Then select both a bag color and text color. The bag has three large horizontal stripes. The center one is white, so you’ll be selecting the color of the top and bottom stripes.

You can get black and gray, navy and blue, tan and dark green, khaki and chocolate, lilac and purple, or pink and maroon. Then select the text color. Stick with something safe like purple, black, red or blue, or choose one of the metallic vinyl colors for some added flare. Metallic gold, rose gold and silver will add some shine to this gift. And if you really want to go bold, choose among the glitter colors of white, black, gold, rose gold and silver. A plain bag with no lettering is slightly cheaper at $10.15, but for less than $3 more you can customize this for a gift your loved one will never forget.

Bamboo Cutting Board16 / 25

TenSquared / Etsy

15. Bamboo Cutting Board

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Price: $24.99+ (depending on size)

The struggle is real when it comes to keeping a nosy dog out of absolutely anything you’re trying to eat. If you know a dog parent with a particularly nosy pooch, this is a hilarious gift to get them. The bamboo cutting board features a French bulldog and the words “every snack you make, every meal you bake, every bite you take, I’ll be watching you.” Maybe this gift is a little too on point.

However, it’s also a fully functional wooden cutting board. The laser etched design will hold up to normal use. Select from small (9 x 11), medium (11 x 13.75) or large (11.75 x 17.75). The price goes up as the size goes up, with the large coming in at $34.99 – still a very affordable gift.

Paw Print Necklace17 / 25

SincerelySilverShop / Etsy

16. Paw Print Necklace

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Price: $38+ (depending on material)

Help your loved one keep their precious dog close to their heart, literally, with this charming paw print necklace. It features an actual paw print engraved on a double disc necklace. You will need a picture of the dog’s paw for this one, so it’s best if you know someone with a small dog (and a dog whose paws you can get a picture of).

The smaller of the two discs will display the paw print, while the larger will display the dog’s name. The smaller disc is half an inch, while the larger is 5/8 of an inch. Choose a 16-, 18- or 20-inch chain for the same price. Where the price varies is in the metal you select. Sterling silver costs $38, gold costs $46 and rose gold costs $50. Save this for a special pet owner you’re buying for this holiday season.

Life Goal T-shirt18 / 25

PixyApparel / Etsy

17. Life Goal T-shirt

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Price: $8.39+ (depending on sizing)

Dog owners only want one thing – to pet all the dogs. That doesn’t just mean their own, either. This T-shirt commemorates that with a fun design of dog silhouettes and the words “Life Goal: Pet All The Dogs” across it in bright colors. There’s just about no one who can’t enjoy this shirt. The range of sizes is truly enormous. Get a unisex extra small to 4XL, a youth small to large or a women’s V-neck in small to 2XL. There are even toddler sizes you can select. It’s truly a shirt for a whole family of dog owners. And it comes in lots of great colors, too. Enjoy white, pink, navy, orange, peach, maroon, raspberry, black, blue, green, forest, teal and more.

Custom Pet Portrait19 / 25

PawtraitDesignCo / Etsy

18. Custom Pet Portrait

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Price: $9.99

This one will take a little leg work on your part, but it’s worth it for the end result. Simply send in a photo of your loved one’s pet. You’ll get a photoshopped image of the pet that looks painted and stylized. Once the seller returns the file to you, you can take that image to any online or in-store printing service to get a customized portrait in whatever size you want.

Don’t forget to grab a frame as well. You’ll definitely want to protect the art before you gift it. You can also select a primary color for the background of the image to add a pop of color. Choose from white, astra, clay ash, mid gray, fiord, pale sky or dust storm. This is a fun and cheap way to give your loved one a portrait that’s a little more special than just a blown up photograph.

Bangle Bracelet20 / 25

SilverImpressions / Etsy

19. Bangle Bracelet

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Price: $24

Here’s a bit of personalized jewelry so the dog owner you love can take a little reminder of their pets with them. The silver wire bangle features dog bone tags with the names of your loved one’s pets on them. There’s also an adorable paw bangle for added charm. The stainless steel keeps this adjustable bracelet from tarnishing or rusting. One size should fit for most people. Choose between smooth or hammered edges. Then decide how many tags you’ll need. The bracelet starts at $24 for one bone tag. You can go all the way up to nine tags for $41.

Custom Pet Magnets21 / 25

HoneyBeeCraftsUSA / Etsy

20. Custom Pet Magnets

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Price: $7+

Do you need more options for customized gifts? We’ve got ‘em. Try out these cheap and fun custom pet magnets. If you have photos of your loved one’s pets, this seller can turn them into adorable magnets for the refrigerator. You’ll want the highest quality picture you can get so that these turn out right. Know before you message the seller whether you want magnets of just the dog’s head or of the dog’s entire body.

The price starts at $7 for a two-inch magnet of just the head and goes up to $12.50 for a large seven-inch magnet of the dog’s whole body. But there are also a ton of sizes in between so you can mix and match and create a ton of memorable and hilarious magnets to gift to someone this holiday season.

Handmade Personalized Pet Photo Frame22 / 25

TamiTrading / Etsy

21. Handmade Personalized Pet Photo Frame

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Price: $8.43+

This is a photo frame and heart plaque. You can customize both for your loved one so they can display their favorite photo of their pooch. The frame is made from French oak veneer, while the heart is 4mm cherry wood veneer. You’ll get a touch of natural charm from the wood grain that will show through even after finishing. The frame is great for pictures that are 5 x 7 inches. Personalize the frame and charm with the pet or pets’ names. You can get just the plaque for $8.43, just the frame for $18.38 or both for $24.05.

Puppy Pile Up!23 / 25

KnightingaleCrafts / Etsy

22. Puppy Pile Up!

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Price: $18.35

This gift is a pit more interactive. Puppy Pile Up is a bag containing 12 miniature handmade wooden dogs from a variety of breeds. You can stack them in all kinds of fun ways to make a true puppy pile. You giftee definitely hasn’t gotten a holiday present like this before. They can stack them to display them, or let the kids play with them as they please. Children as young as eight can enjoy the Puppy Pile Up. One especially charming detail is that the basic designs for the dogs all came from illustrations by the seller’s sister.

Dachshund Dog Heating Pad24 / 25

FloraNFlannel / Etsy

23. Dachshund Dog Heating Pad

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Price: $38+

The holidays can be an overwhelming time for many of us. Help the dog lover in your life relax with this comforting Dachshund heating pad for around the neck. The 21-inch pillow cushions the wearer’s neck with soft flannel and a filling of natural buckwheat hulls and rice or only rice. You can also add dried lavender buds for a lovely and soothing aroma. The lavender will cost an extra $2.

No matter which filling you choose, it’s safe to put this heating pad in the microwave to heat it up so it can ease the stress right out of those tight, sore shoulders. This is a fantastic care package for a loved one who could use a little bit of a break after the hectic holidays. Select from a broad range of colors, including blue plaid, black, peachy dot, red plaid, cinnamon, raindrops, sage, salmon and so many more.


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