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You may have never heard of Ormond Beach, Florida, or Lebanon, Tennessee, but their slogans sure are memorable. From dubious claims of being the world’s tuna capital to friendly reminders not to pass gas, here are each state’s most memorable city slogans.

The weirdest city slogans

1. Alabama

Cedar Bluff boasts that it’s the “The Crappie Capital of the Word.” No, they don’t mean they’re not a great place to be. Crappies are freshwater fish known for their sweet, white meat.

2. Alaska

Hyder is the “Friendliest ghost town in Alaska.” As of 2019, it’s estimated that about 87 people live there.

3. Arizona

Unsurprisingly, the slogan “Experience our sense of Yuma” belongs to Yuma. Not sure what their sense of Yuma is? Again, unsurprisingly, the city first started using the slogan as a tourist campaign to promote Yuma’s unique culture, arts and other offerings.

4. Arkansas

A visit to Dumas is a visit to “The Home of the Ding Dong Daddy.” a reference to Phil Baxter’s song of the same name. The song was inspired by the singer’s trip to America’s panhandles.

5. California

This wordplay needs little explanation. The town of San Andreas’s slogan is, “It’s Not Our Fault.” The earthquake-prone region’s motto is a clear reference to the San Andreas Fault.

6. Colorado

If you want to take a trip to “The Home of the Frozen Dead Guy,” look no further than Nederland. The town has an annual spring competition called The Frozen Dead Guy Days, which celebrates one local’s legendary attempt to freeze his dead grandfather.

7. Connecticut

Dead grandfathers not your thing? Chesire has plenty of living things as the self-proclaimed “Bedding Plant Capital of Connecticut.” 

8. Delaware

Delmar, Delaware, is “The Little Town Too Big For One State.” In case the name wasn’t clear, Delmar is also located in Maryland. Two railroads from each state met at this railroad junction in 1859, so the states share the city.

9. Florida

Racecar fans may be familiar with “The Birthplace of Speed.” That’s Ormond Beach, Florida, which is where America’s first speed tournaments began in 1903.

10. Georgia

Abbeville’s welcome sign kindly asks visitors to “Keep It In Mind!” It’s also known as “The Wild Hog Capital of Georgia.”

11. Hawaii

This is, again, a relatively self-explanatory one. Honolulu’s slogan is “The Big Pineapple,” a reference to the Dole Food Company and one of Hawaii’s most-loved fruit. Honolulu also is home to the world’s largest pineapple.

12. Idaho

Moscow, Idaho, natives quickly took to shortening their town name to “Scow.” However, many University of Idaho students lovingly call it “The ‘Dirty’ Scow.”

13. Illinois

Metropolis — yes, like in the Superman comics and movies. That’s why it’s called “The Home of Superman.” DC Comics even helped this small, rural town make it official in 1972.

14. Indiana

Musicians may already have heard of Elkhart, “The Band Instrument Capital of the World.” They get the name because Elkhart is home to many music companies, such as Selmer and United Musical Instruments.

15. Iowa

The town of Stuart’s slogan, “Home of 1,700 good eggs and a few stinkers,” doesn’t actually have anything to do with Easter. Rather, the town has a festival called Good Egg Days, a three-day celebration around Father’s Day full of good family fun.

16. Kansas

While not a great name for a city, it does make a good pun. The town of Gas embraced its name with the slogan, “Don’t Pass Gas, But Enjoy it!” 

17. Kentucky

The town of Cumberland made sure that its slogan was self-explanatory: “The Little Town That International Harvester, Coal Miners, and Their Families Built.” In case you’re wondering about the International Harvester bit, it was an international agricultural company that, you guessed it, built a major plant in Cumberland.

18. Louisiana

You won’t exactly be seeing this on Shreveport’s tourism ads, but locals often refer to it as “Ratchet City.”

19. Maine

Farmington is proud of its part in inventing earmuffs — so proud, in fact, that its slogan is “Earmuff Capital of the World.”

20. Maryland

While you won’t see much of the mafia in Baltimore anymore, it’s still known as “Bodymore, Murdaland.” Again, this isn’t an official slogan, but ask anyone from Baltimore about Murdaland, and the chances are high that they’ll know what you’re talking about.

21. Massachusetts

While not an official slogan, many locals call Framingham the “The Dirty Ham.” It’s a combination of the town’s name, “ham,” and a reference to its historically high crime rates.

22. Michigan

In case you didn’t know, Kellogg was founded in Battle Creek, and its headquarters is still in the town. That’s why it’s called “The Breakfast Capital of the World.” Downtown Battle Creek even had a “Cereal City” for visitors until 2007, which featured a history of Kellogg’s and its role in putting Battle Creek on the map.

23. Minnesota

Have you wondered why there don’t seem to be many actual tricks when you go trick-or-treating? Thank Anoka for at least part of that. The self-proclaimed “Halloween Capital of the World” started a campaign in 1920 to make Halloween more wholesome by taking the trick part out of the equation.

24. Mississippi

If you remember your American history, it may not be too surprising why  Port City is called “The Town Too Beautiful To Burn.” Ulysses S. Grant saved this town from burning completely because he said the buildings were beautiful.

25. Missouri

Branson hit the pop culture scene when Homer Simpson called it, more or less, “Las Vegas If Ned Flanders Ran It.” The nickname stuck. If you’re wondering, Branson “earned” this distinction because it’s the most dangerous and violent city in Missouri.

26. Montana

This one needs little explanation. Glasgow is, indeed, in “The Middle of Nowhere.” The town embraced its isolation and made it its official slogan.

27. Nebraska

 North Loup may not have Kellogg’s, but they do have Popcorn County, which is, you guessed it, a popcorn company. As such, the town’s slogan is “Popcorn Capital.”

28. Nevada

If you’re on TikTok, you may have seen the Candy Dance trend a year ago. Thank Genoa, “The Home of the Candy Dance,” for that. Each year, the town even holds a Candy Dance festival that attracts thousands of people.

29. New Hampshire

Berlin grew into the city it is now because of the wood products industry that thrived there for over a century. That’s why it’s called “The City That Trees Built.” 

30. New Jersey

In case you didn’t know, North Arlington is “Where Bergen County Begins.” The city really wanted you to know that.

31. New Mexico

Roswell’s name is probably familiar to you if you’ve followed any alien forums or seen any UFO documentaries. It’s so famous for an alleged 1947 UFO crash that visitors flock to the region every year looking for more of them. While the town’s embraced its UFO status, as its slogan says, “The Aliens Aren’t the Only Reason to Visit!” 

32. New York

Utica is one of many cities facing high foreclosure rates, especially as businesses flee the once-thriving town. Its economic depression earned it the title of “The City That God Forgot.” However, Utica still is home to many more natural beauties, even if its industry and economy aren’t booming. 

33. North Carolina

Cape Hatteras  is known as “The Graveyard of the Atlantic.” That’s because the cape is where the Gulf Stream and the Arctic Current meet, causing an unusually high amount of shipwrecks.

34. North Dakota

A town full of optimists, Cando’s slogan is “You Can Do Better in Cando.” The motto is both a playful pun and a reflection of Cando’s friendly, small-town atmosphere.

35. Ohio

Oberlin is another town that embraces its historic routes. It’s called “The Town that Started the Civil War” because the city rallied against fugitive slave laws and made waves across the nation that are believed to have fueled anti-slavery sentiments.

36. Oklahoma

Beaver, Oklahoma’s slogan is “Cow Chip Throwing Capital of the World.” If you don’t know what a cow chip is, it’s a flat, frisbee-shaped disc made out of cow poop. 

37. Oregon

If cow excrement isn’t for you, try Linn County, “The Grass Seed Capital of the World.”  Perhaps you could use the cow chips to help your seeds grow.

38. Pennsylvania

Hanover’s slogan is “Snack Capital of the World.” Hanover is home to both Snyder’s of Hanover and Utz Potato Chip Factory. Nearby, you can also visit Hershey’s Chocolate World.

39. Rhode Island

Don’t have a sweet tooth? How about Galilee, “Tuna Capital of the World?” The town held the Rhode Island Tuna Tournament until 1997, when finding tuna became more difficult.

40. South Carolina

Like many other Southern towns, Abbeville’s slogan reflects its historical significance: “The Birthplace and Deathbed of the Confederacy.” The idea to secede from the United States was made at Abbeville’s Secession Hill, and the decision to dissolve the Confederacy was made at  Burt-Stark Mansion, also in Abbeville.

41. South Dakota

Redfield’s slogan, “Pheasant Capital of the World,” reflects the unusually high pheasant population that the town has. This creates a hunter’s paradise that attracts many outsiders during hunting season.

42. Tennessee

Lebanon natives are so passionate about square dancing that townspeople presented a resolution in 1980 to officially make its slogan “ Appalachian Square Dance Capital of the World.” The saying stuck, and the town has many square dancing associations and competitions.

43. Texas

Eagle Pass is a popular tourist destination since it’s on the edge of the Texas-Mexico border. That’s why the town slogan is “Where Yee-Ha Meets Olé.”

44. Utah

You may not expect Festival City to be in Utah, but it is! Cedar City claims the slogan, which references the many festivals the city usually hosts. Popular ones include the Utah Shakespeare Festival, the Utah Summer Games and the Utah UFO Festival.

45. Vermont

You’ve probably heard of the satire paper The Onion. But have you heard of The Winooski? This is Vermont’s version of The Onion, which is why  is Winooski is called “The Onion City.”

46. Virginia

Williamsburg is yet another town that embraces its revolutionary roots. It’s home to the famous Colonial Williamsburg, which has many museums, reenactments, and other historical gems. Its slogan? “Where History Never Gets Old.” 

47. Washington

Bellingham wants you to be excited, but not too excited. Called “The City of Subdued Excitement,” it’s home to many natural attractions and easy-living. Locals don’t embrace rock concerts or museum hopping. They’d rather have neighborly picnics and long strolls to local restaurants. 

48. West Virginia

While summers can be hot in West Virginia, that’s not always the case for Bluefield, “Nature’s Air-Conditioned City” since it sits at 2,611 feet above sea level. Even better? The city’s also known for serving free lemonade when the temperature tops 90 degrees.

49. Wisconsin

Mount Horeb, “The Troll Capital, ” isn’t home to internet trolls. Instead, the trolls are a reference to its Norweigan roots. The town even has a “trollway,” a series of life-sized trolls down its main street.

50. Wyoming

Riverton’s slogan, “The Rendezvous City,” may need a bit of clarification. The city was originally used as a meeting point, or rendezvous site, for Native Americans. As white men moved into the area, they overtook it as their meeting place. The city kept the name as a reference to its strong community bonds, both historically and presently.

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