The world’s murder capitals, ranked


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When it comes to homicide, the most dangerous cities in the world are located in Latin America, where most deaths are related to drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, and gang wars.

According to the latest data from Statista, only three cities outside Central and South America made the top 25, and two of those cities are in the United States.

Here we take a look at those 25 cities and their homicide rates per 100,000 residents:

Coroa do Meio, Aracaju, Brazil
Paulo JC Nogueira / Wikimedia

25. Aracuja, Brazil: 48.77

San Salvador, El Salvador
Joey’s Lens / iStock

24. San Salvador, El Salvador: 50.32

Sean Pavone/istockphoto

23. Baltimore, U.S.: 50.52

Vitoria de Conquista, Brazil
Emilãine Vieira / Flickr

22. Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil: 50.75

Maceio, Brazil
bitenka / iStock

21. Maceio, Brazil: 51.46

The El Palacio Municipal in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico
Cnec wiki / Wikimedia

20. Ciudad Obregon, Mexico: 52.09

Kingston, Jamaica
GummyBone / iStock

19. Kingston, Jamaica: 54.12

Uruapan, Mexico
Wirestock / iStock

18. Uruapan, Mexico: 54.52

Barquisimento, Venezuela
Wirestock / iStock

17. Barquisimento, Venezuela: 56.67

A Catholic church in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela
jsandoval / iStock

16. Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela: 60.09

Culician, Mexico
alxpina / iStock

15. Culiacan, Mexico: 60.52

St. Louis
Sean Pavone/iStock

14. St. Louis, U.S.: 60.59

Feira de Santana, Brazil
Andrevruas / Wikimedia

13. Feira De Santana, Brazil: 63.29

Cancun, Mexico
Victor Ambriz / iStock

12. Cancun, Mexico: 64.47

Belem, Brazil
Roman_Rahm / iStock

11. Belem, Brazil: 65.31

Cape Town

10. Cape Town, South Africa: 66.36

Fortaleza, Brazil
Phaelnogueira / iStock

9. Fortaleza, Brazil: 69.15

Natal, Brazil
Brastock Images / iStock

8. Natal, Brazil: 74.67

Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela
Heribert Dezeo / Wikimedia

7. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela: 78.3

Irapuato, Mexico
I.quixote / Wikipedia

6. Irapuato, Mexico: 81.44

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Phototreat / iStock

5. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: 85.56

Ciudad Victoria, Mexico
Roberto Galan / iStock

4. Ciudad Victoria, Mexico: 86.01

Caracas, Venezuela
GummyBone / iStock

3. Caracas, Venezuela: 99.98

Acapulco, Mexico
Gerardo_Borbolla / iStock

2. Acapulco, Mexico: 110.5

Tijuana, Mexico
f8grapher / iStock

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