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Nothing ruins a road trip like a bout of motion sickness.


If you suffer from motion sickness, like me, you’ve probably had to adjust just how much “fun” you have when heading out. Whether that means trying to sleep through a long drive so you don’t notice how you feel or avoiding eating so you don’t have anything to, uh, bring back up if you get nauseous, getting to your destination is definitely the worst part of a trip.

Motion sickness, if you’re not aware, is caused by your brain’s reaction to conflicting information sent by your eyes, ears and body. When in a moving vehicle, for example, your muscles remain still, but your eyes see things passing out of the window. This leads to your brain getting confused about whether you’re stopped or in motion.


Fixing the disconnect between your brain and the rest of your body is the idea behind a pair of motion sickness glasses on Amazon that reviewers say “look silly,” but either help or totally cure their motion sickness. The Hion Anti-Motion Sickness Smart Glasses do not have lenses, instead opting for four circular tubes (two for your around your eyes and one on each side of your head) filled with liquid. The level of the liquid in the circle changes based on the motion of the vehicle, which creates an artificial horizon in your vision that “re-synchronizes” your eyes with the rest of your balance system.


These glasses normally cost $70 but have recently been reduced to $24, a 67% savings. While they definitely look quite goofy, the manufacturer says you don’t have to wear them the entire time you’re doing whichever activity causes your sickness.


If you feel dizzy or nauseous, simply look at something that isn’t moving (i.e., a book or your phone), then wear the glasses for 10-14 minutes. Once you feel relief, you can take the glasses off because your balance has been restored and the effects will continue. You will need to wear them for 10-14 minutes each time you begin a new movement.

Hion Anti-Motion Sickness Smart Glasses

With more than 1,000 5-star reviews, Amazon customers say the glasses “absolutely work” and have helped some people read or play video games while in a vehicle.


One reviewer who has suffered motion sickness his whole life and can’t even normally look at a timepiece in the car called them “deranged Minion glasses” but tells customers to swallow their pride and forget about looking silly.


“I hate taking meds — everything, non-drowsy or not, makes me tired — and I’ve tried all the other remedies too (ginger, peppermint, bracelets, patches…),” they wrote. “But these dumb glasses work. I put them on when I was already feeling a little sick and immediately felt the nausea, headache, and light-headedness go away. I rode on an Amtrak for four hours and was on my phone looking at pictures, doing my Wordle, scrolling on Insta and never once felt sick. I even wore them over my glasses. The only time I had any issue was when we were passing by another train going in the opposite direction.”


“I was also able to ride with my mom who gets me car sick every time,” wrote Erin D. She went on to say they were tight on the nose but didn’t hurt. “They are sort of small for an adult, but they do more good than harm.


Some reviewers say the glasses didn’t work for them. But, as a motion sickness sufferer myself, I decided to put the glasses to the test to see how they stood up to my motion sickness.


Once I got over how silly I looked, I tried them in the front seat and then the back seat. I get motion sickness in the backseat regardless of what I’m doing, but I also get it in the front seat if I read a book or look at my phone. While my motion sickness is thankfully not severe, I have gotten sick in the backseat on extremely long trips and ended up with migraines from a long trip while in the front passenger seat.


For my test, I wore them with and without sunglasses and made sure to test them with the smallest print item I could find on my bookshelf — a stained copy of “Jane Eyre” from 1960, which I started to read during a 45-minute drive.

I was already feeling a bit dizzy while looking at the book after just a few minutes in the car. I noticed I wasn’t actually reading because I was finding it hard to focus.


I then wore the glasses for the allotted time and within about 5 minutes, I was able to begin reading. Ten more minutes in, I removed the glasses and continued reading — with no dizziness! I then put the book away for 10 minutes and went back to it to see if the effects were still lingering. While I felt a quick second of dizziness when I first began reading again, it actually faded even without my putting the glasses back on.


Next up was the backseat, which has always been my least favorite place in a car. I was immediately nauseous on the 45-minute drive back home, even without looking at a book or my phone. Looking out the window and seeing trees pass by is not fun, so I usually just look straight ahead. I again began looking at my book for a few minutes, then put the glasses on.


This time I did 10 minutes, taking them off and looking out the window once the time had passed. While I felt a hint of dizziness once I took them off, it faded quickly and I was indeed able to look out the window without feeling nauseous.

While they definitely worked for me, there are a few things to note. Because my motion sickness is not severe, I cannot attest to how well they will help if you have a habit of tossing your cookies every time you’re in the car. I would guess that wearing them the entire trip, instead of just 10-14 minutes, may work better in severe cases.


I also did not use them on a plane, train or boat, so I can only say how they are in a car. I would also assume they would not pair well with rollercoasters, as they’ll likely fly off your head, so if rollercoasters are too much for you, you’ll likely still need to avoid them or try some other methods of helping your nausea.


I also found them to be a bit uncomfortable on my nose. Although they’re made of plastic rubber-type material and have a nose guard, it did leave a bit of a mark there when I took them off. Because you only have to wear them for around 10 minutes, their comfort level isn’t a huge problem, but I’d take a bit of nose discomfort over dizziness and nausea any day.

While some reviewers say they wore them over their glasses and they fit just fine, they slid around a bit more on me than they did without sunglasses. If you have smaller prescription glasses, they may fit, but if you can stand to have your glasses off for a few minutes while first wearing them, that might be preferable.


If you’ve already tried the glasses and they didn’t work for you or you simply need something different, Amazon has a few other gadgets also intended to help with motion sickness.


These LYJEE Motion Sickness Bands are only $8 for five pairs and work by putting pressure on the nei-guan acupuncture points on each wrist via a plastic stud that works to restore balance. The bands are drug-free and have no side effects. Simply slip them on your wrist before an activity that would typically make you nauseous.

LYJEE Motion Sickness Bands

These MQ Motion Sickness Patches work similarly to the bands, as you simply stick them behind your ear or under your belly button 10 minutes before travel. The patches, which have more than 7,000 5-star reviews, are $9.50 for a pack of 20.

MQ Motion Sickness Patches

Of course, you can also stick with an old favorite, Dramamine pills, which have been used to treat nausea and motion sickness since 1947.


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Whether you have a designed driver or join day trip tours, stay safe along the Bourbon Trail.



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Experience Americana at its finest by taking a road trip on our most famous Highway –  Route 66. Missouri, the show me state, has plenty to offer from National Forests, museums, retro drive-ins and all the neon and kitsch of yesteryear.


While not the famed Rosebud Motel, you can stay in some of the original route 66 hotels like the Wagon Wheel, the Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven, and the 1939 Boots Court Motel.  Leave time to explore the Mark Twain National Forest, The Meramec Caverns, Route 66 State Park and the Route 66 Museum in Lebanon.


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While you could do this drive along US-191 in two hours, savor all that Big Sky country has to offer over a weeklong road trip. Start in Bozeman, the adventure capital of the Northern Rockies, for fly fishing, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing or backcountry tours.


Drive south to Big Sky Resort, a four-season mountain destination. Lastly, continue to West Yellowstone, a convenient base for exploring Yellowstone National Park. Give yourself at least two full days to explore all of its beloved 2 million acres.


Travel along the Oregon National Historic Trail to see the beauty of Nebraska and learn what life was like for those early settlers who traveled the same land. There are over 60 historical mile markers and museums to explore during this road trip.


Consider stops at Rock Creek Station State Historic Park, Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center, Lincoln County Historical Museum and Chimney Rock, one of the most noted landmarks along the Oregon Trail.



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While some never leave Las Vegas during their vacation, consider a road trip along I-15 to Valley of Fire State Park.  The 100-mile round trip drive and 40,000-acre state park are perfectly sized for a day trip. See for yourself why this otherworldly place is the filming location for faraway lands in movies like Star Trek and how the sun’s rays on red sandstone rocks illuminate the valley like fire.


Explore the 100-mile National Scenic Byway White Mountain Trail, particularly beautiful during the fall. In the words of New Hampshire resident Robert Frost, consider taking the road less traveled.


Take your time exploring waterfalls, covered bridges, and endless overlooks. Start at White Mountains Visitor Center, continue to Franconia Notch State Park and Crawford Notch State Park with stunning views of Mount Washington and the Presidential Range.



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While most people only know The Jersey Shore, the congestion of The New Jersey Turnpike, or towns featured in The Sopranos, the garden state actually has a wide range of destinations and natural beauty.


Before traveling I-80, fill up with a big breakfast at Brownstone Pancake Factory and take in Manhattan Skyline views in Englewood Cliffs. Stop at Paterson State Falls National Historical Park to see the 77-ft. waterfall that Alexander Hamilton used to launch the country’s first industrial city.


Stop in Denville for dinner at Hunan Taste, lauded as the best Chinese food in the state, or The Pasta Shop, a local favorite. Enjoy a relaxing and quiet getaway at one of the many Bed and Breakfasts in Sussex County.



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Whether you’re a foodie, a historian, or an outdoor enthusiast, this road trip has it all. The El Camino Real National Scenic Highway traverses almost the entire length of the state. Take a week to enjoy the cities (and food) of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, as well as the historical sites of 16th-century Spanish explorers. Explore White Sands National Park, Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge and the 1.6 million acres of the Santa Fe National Forest.





Take a week-long road trip covering the length of the Empire State along I-90 West. Start in the state capital to experience America’s Main Street before visiting quaint towns and farms on your way to Syracuse. It’s full of museums, shops, amusement parks, and a zoo. Next up is family-friendly Rochester with


The Strong National Museum of Play and boat rides on the Erie Canal. Continue your road trip by driving along Lake Ontario to witness where the lake meets the Niagara River. Enjoy a day exploring Niagara Falls, one of the most famous waterfalls in the world.





Travel the Blue Ridge Parkway through the whole state right to the edge of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Plan a week-long road trip to experience the variety of attractions North Carolina has to offer. From Cherokee life, agricultural history, Southern Appalachian culture, the largest home in American, and some of the world’s oldest mountains, there’s something for everyone.  Explore the beauty of Grandfather Mountain, Pisgah National Forest, and trendy Asheville, home of The Biltmore Estate.


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Travel the route of Lewis and Clark along the Sakakawea Scenic Byway and Missouri River Valley. Retrace their incredible journey while learning about the people who’ve lived in this land for centuries. Plan for stops at Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, Cross Ranch State Park, Fort Clark State Historic Site and Fort Mandan Historic Site.





Give yourself time to explore the major cities of Ohio on this I-71 South road trip. Start in Cleveland to enjoy the shore of Lake Erie and visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Continue South to Columbus for their arts & food scene and beautiful botanical gardens.


For airplane enthusiasts, take a side trip to The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton. End with two days in Cincinnati. It’s the largest metro area in the state with history, art, architecture, children’s museums and a zoo.


Take a week to explore all the destinations and historic towns along the Talimena National Scenic Byway. Plan day trips and hiking excursions in Ouachita National Forest and Queen Wilhelmina State Park. For white water enthusiasts, enjoy the Ouachita, Mountain Fork, Caddo, and the Cossatot Rivers’ adventures. Don’t miss the 1,000-year-old Viking carvings in the stunning Heavener Runestone Park.


zrfphoto / istockphoto


The Columbia River Gorge Highway connects some of our county’s most stunning sites. Stop first at Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area with beautiful vistas, trails, and 90 waterfalls. At the Washington state border, the Columbia River Gorge will take your breath away.


Take the windy drive up to Sandy River and stop at Crown Point Vista House for an incredible view of The Gorge.  Next, visit Multnomah Falls, one of the most visited sites in the Pacific Northwest. As you return to Portland, explore Benson and Ainsworth State Parks, Eagle Creek hiking trail, and the town of Hood River, a favorite with kiteboarders.





For over 100 years, the Pocono Mountains have attracted visitors to its quiet beauty and outdoor adventures.  The small towns along Route 209 are known for their seasonal celebrations, historical sites, and family-friendly activities. Start in Jim Thorpe, dubbed America’s Switzerland, for its international architecture.  Whether you’re an advanced hiker, train fanatic, biker or white water rafter, it’s a great place to kick off your vacation.


Next, enjoy Stroudsburg’s downtown as you make your way to The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area. This 70,000-acre park offers endless outdoor adventures and stunning views of the Delaware River Valley.  Dingman’s Falls right off US-209 is a must-do stop even if you’re short on time. End in Milford to tour their historical sites and Raymondskill Falls, the largest waterfall in the state.



Alex Potemkin/istockphoto


Take a weekend road trip along historic Route 1 to see all that coastal Rhode Island has to offer. Start in Westerly at the Connecticut border and snake your way through quintessential New England towns. Rhode Island’s coast contains beautiful historic lighthouses scattered on gorgeous peninsulas, islands, and cliff sides like Point Judith Lighthouse. In Newport, stay a night or two in luxurious resorts, tour historic mansions and enjoy award-winning restaurants.



lucky-photographer / istockphoto


While you could drive this stretch of the state in five hours, take your time traveling from the mountains to the coast. Start in Cleveland and enjoy a portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Caesars Head State Park.


As you drive south on Poinsett Highway, stop in Greenville, dubbed America’s Friendliest City. As you continue towards the coast on Veterans Highway, visit Columbia, the capital city, and take a stroll in its riverside park.


Plan for a day in nearby Congaree National Park and Lake Marion. Conclude your drive where Route 26 ends in Charleston, one of America’s most popular vacation destinations. Leave time to enjoy the state’s oldest city and some of the best restaurants in South Carolina.



rodclementphotography / istockphoto


Consider taking a road trip through South Dakota’s rolling prairies, twisting mountain roads, and iconic American monuments. Start at historical Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial.


Take US-16 E to enjoy a couple of days in Rapid City, a vibrant town with outdoor festivals, concerts and a unique food scene. Travel I-90 E to Wall as a base for exploring Badlands National Park. Drive the Badlands Loop Scenic Byway to see its 16 stunning overlooks and hike among its surreal landscape.


With a music capital, amusement parks, foodie havens, history, and the most visited national park in the country, it’s no wonder so many people are flocking to Tennessee. This 200-mile I-40 E


road trip starts in the entertainment-rich Nashville, the world’s country music capital. On your way to Knoxville, enjoy stops in Old City and Mead’s Quarry. Before entering Great Smoky Mountains National park, enjoy a day in family-friendly Pigeon Forge, home to Dollywood Amusement park. Its neighbor city, Gatlinburg, is a perfect base to explore half a million acres of the Smoky Mountains.


While 30 million people visit The Live Music Capital of the World annually, many don’t leave Austin. Consider expanding your vacation with an I-35 S road trip to San Antonio and experience the Texas Hill Country. Stop first in San Marcos and enjoy the hundreds of river springs perfect year-round at 72 degrees.


Next, explore New Braunfels, a beloved vacation destination for Texans. This small town boasts a historic downtown, an infamous water park and Comal River, a beloved tubing spot.


After that, visit San Antonio, a vacation destination in its own right, with a beautiful miles-long River Walk, unique culture and historical sites like The Alamo. On your way back to Austin, consider a side trip to Lockhart, with some of the best barbeque in the state.





If there’s a Million Dollar Highway, it must be on your bucket list. U.S. Route 550 features two national parks, one national monument, a national forest, and a stunning state park, all with million-dollar views. While the Highway is under 150 miles long, leave at least a week to explore all the incredible sites in this portion of the state.

Start on Capitol Reef Scenic Drive to reach the first of many, National Parks in Utah. Explore Larb Hollow Overlook, Burr Trail in Long Canyon, and Lower Calf Creek Falls.  Continue to the town of Escalante, home of Grand Staircase with 1 million acres of mind-boggling geological formations.


Don’t skip over Kodachrome Basin State Park. It’s so vibrant it was named after the popular color photography film.  End this epic road trip in Bryce Canyon National Park’s Mossy Cave Trail, often overlooked by the crowds.





Witness the beauty of Vermont on the West-Central Mountains & the Appalachian Gap Loop, particularly beautiful in the fall. This 100-mile route passes through Green Mountain National Forest, Lake Dunmore and 10 quaint, welcoming towns. If you’re looking to stay for the weekend or longer, make lodging reservations well in advance for this popular road trip destination.



Nitin Chavan / istockphoto


If you’re planning a vacation to Washington, DC, add a Shenandoah Valley road trip to your itinerary. As you head west on I-66, stop at the historic Manassas National Battlefield Park and Skyline Caverns.


Stay at family-friendly four-season resorts, inns, or romantic bed & breakfasts to explore nearby Shenandoah National Park. During your stay or on your drive back, check out the Shenandoah Spirits Trail featuring more than 45 vineyards, craft breweries and distilleries.



tonda / istockphoto


Whether you live in the Seattle area or are visiting the area on vacation, this awe-inspiring road trip to some of the Pacific Northwest’s most awe-inspiring sites is bucket-list worthy. From Seattle, travel along I-5 N on the coast to Bellingham, your base for exploring nearby Mount Baker. Continue to North Cascade National Park, Stevens Pass, and Cascade Valley.


Next, explore all that the  White Pass Scenic Byway offers, like Mount Rainier National Park and Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, before ending in Portland. This walkable city is known for its food and distinct culture that turns visitors into residents.





Travel 180 miles of The Midland Trail National Scenic Byway to see stunning vistas, experience thrilling outdoor adventures, and learn the history of the people who lived in these hills for centuries.


Jump on U.S. Route 60 in the capital city of Charleston and snake your way through the mountains to Hawks Nest State Park, with panoramic views and white water rafting. Fayette County offers fishing, horseback riding, and world-class rock-climbing. Continue to Greenbrier Valley’s limestone landscapes, farms, historic sites, and quaint towns.


End your journey with a stay at The Greenbrier, a National Historic Landmark and world-class resort that has hosted half our country’s presidents, royalty, celebrities, and guests from around the world since 1778.





Explore 100 miles of the Lower Wisconsin River countryside on the Wisconsin Scenic Byway. One hour west of Madison is Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s sprawling estate with a national historic landmark designation to honor our country’s most famous architect.


Follow the Wisconsin River to the town of Boscobel with one of the best River Outing tour companies in the region. You can book an excursion for a couple of hours or even days. End your road trip in Prairie du Chien, a town established in the 1800s. Make sure to visit Wyalusing State Park 500 feet above the river for stunning views.



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Did we save the best road trip for last? The Beartooth Highway, a National Scenic Byway, is thought to be the most scenic drive in the United States. While less than 100 miles across Northeast Wyoming, this 80-year-old road draws global visitors to its diverse environment, family-friendly wild west cities and breathtaking scenery.


This roadway passes by epic mountain ranges with endless glacial lakes, national forests, waterfalls, and fantastic wildlife. You can experience the highest and most rugged mountain areas in the continental United States from your car. Leave time to explore Custer, Gallatin & Shoshone National Forests and the crown jewel of America’s National Park System, Yellowstone.


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