This artist ‘dresses’ celebs in tiny food outfits


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Ruby Perman is not your grandmother’s Canasta partner, she is, instead, the worlds preeminent food fashion stylist, and while that is a mouthful, so is her work.

The pandemic was rough on all of us. Some got a decent sourdough starter going, others took to knitting in their desperation, but Ruby Perman? She was one of the creative ones. One of the ones that would stumble across a previously unknown talent.

That talent has gotten her 750,000 followers on Instagram, countless write ups, and even a Good Morning America segment all about her and her unique hobby/career.

She made the pandemic work for her. What did she do, you ask?

Well, she began dressing celebrities (and even Disney characters); making the gorgeous red carpet dresses and suits they love, only Ruby makes them entirely out of food. Just normal stuff, straight from her kitchen. And in miniature.

Perman starts with the food. She studies the food items carefully to determine what kind of outfit it should be and then she just goes to town on them. Using the natural lines of the foods and altering and trimming fascinating shapes, her fashions are unparalleled in the food or fashion worlds.

A former graphic artist, Perman uses a wide variety of textures and colors in her work, she has done Rihanna’s fantastical yellow showstopper from the Met Gala 2019 in mango, Kim Kardashian in Takis, Cardi B in cherries and in kiwi (two different looks, of course! You can’t mix strawberries with kiwi after Labor Day, you know that!) and countless others.

Her videos regularly go viral, and her fans (you guessed it) eat it up.

It is relatable art. Whimsical and fun, light…everything the pandemic it was born from was not.

We needed that and boy, oh boy, did Ruby Perman deliver.

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