This guy has 47 kids. He can’t get a date


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Don’t you hate it when you meet a great new guy….he’s cute, good dresser, attentive listener, charming conversationalist, the best male dancer you’ve seen since the Solid Gold Dancers writhed across the floor back in the dark ages of dance. He is everything you ever wanted….Oh! And he has 47 children, all his. Would you go out with him?

This guy says no, you most likely would not. And neither will anyone else.

Why? Well…

Kyle Gordy, 30, is a freelance sperm donor and his donations have resulted in 47 successful births.

Oh, and he has nine more on the way (at the time of this writing)!

Kyle is on Instagram (kylegordy123), and runs a website called “Be Pregnant Now” that is filled with information he has learned on how to get women pregnant without going through a doctor. Interesting.

And apparently it is all  good stuff. 47 childbirths and nine more on the way seem to point in that direction.

It’s pretty obvious that Gordy is really into this. He follows a strict diet and doesn’t have any fun (well, he said it like, ‘I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t party.’) but i think through his words we can start to get a clearer picture of Gordy’s problem dating.

He is super into all of this. Like, really into it. We don’t believe women don’t want to go out with him due to the 47 kids, rather, it seems, to be his obsession with impregnating people and the incredibly rigid lifestyle he follows.

So, if you need sperm and don’t want the headache of modern medicine, hit him up. I mean what’s one more kid?  It’s not like he is going to be busy with his girlfriend…