This is the greatest drive-thru order of all time


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For those of us who frequent fast-food drive-thru windows, we know the routine: staticky voice comes over the speaker, repeats your order wrong half the time (if you can understand them well enough to tell), gives you your total and tells you to pull forward.


This is not that. This is sooooooo not that.

This is the kind of drive-thru experience that will not only make you want to become a regular, but you may just want to drive through the drive-thru on repeat a few times — the most wonderful, fattening, gas-wasting, adult merry-go-round of all time.

And then you get delicious Popeye’s fried chicken, to boot. And you get a little ditty forever known as “spicy or mi-iiii-iiild?” stuck in your head.

Here it is in all its glory. Posted by TikTok creator @devinnn7, this is the video that will ruin any other drive-thru experience for you forever and always — unless, of course, you live in New Orleans and frequent this particular Popeye’s location.

@destinnn7 #fyp #new Orleans #@fatastic ♬ original sound – BigGeneral7