This Star Trek fan meeting Whoopie Goldberg may just make you cry


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Stardate: 99768.92 (or March 3, 2022, for all you normies) is a big day in the Star Trek universe. It is the season two premiere of “Star Trek: Picard,” but it is not only Jean-Luc Picard who will return…

Whopi Goldberg, the first celebrity Trekker to appear on the show, will join Patrick Stewart to reprise her role of Guinan, the enigmatic, centuries-old bartender whose advice helped the other characters navigate moral decisions and difficult situations with her calm demeanor, enviable listening skills and sage advice. She was a bartender, after all.

Whoopi first appeared on “Star Trek: Next Generation” in 1988 (wow, that was a while ago!) as the proprietor of the on board Ten-Forward lounge. Her character was very popular from the beginning.

She was, however, unaware of the effect her calming and supportive role was having on Star Trek viewers. Whoopi has said in interviews that her experience on “Next Generation” was amazing, but she had no idea that her contribution to the canon of Star Trek was important until she appeared on Dutch television program College Tour.

In this amazing and so very heartwarming video (get tissues first!), Whoopi is being interviewed. The subject comes around to how her role on “StarTrek: Next Generation” was a perfect and wonderful experience, but that she considered the role relatively unimportant other than to her personally.

That is when one amazing fan stands up and tells her exactly what Guinan meant to him. He says she inspired him and gave him the courage to change his life and to go out and live. The moment is beautiful and so completely genuine, and the end could not be any more perfect.

Practice a little self-care and watch the emotional moment below.


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