This trailer for Brad Pitt’s new movie is just … weird


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Stressed? Uptight?

Let me invite you to a moment of mindfulness.

Lie back and be lifted as Brad Pitt’s voice invites us to imagine a whole new form of travel. Listen only to his euphonious tones as he dangles the promise of tranquil, comfortable, fast travel.

Let your eyes feast on the fairy tale scenery of Japan: The lush cherry blossoms, a snow-capped Mt. Fuji and other delightfully serene scenes.

And as the video closes we are assured that if we get on board with NSL, March 2nd, we will be delivered to a world that is happy and golden.

Wait. What is up with Pitt’s face!? Should we call a doctor?? Surely there must be protocol for such a catastrophic event! His beautiful, beautiful face! NOOOO! What kind of monster….?!?

Ok. What is going on here?

Find out March 2 when the full trailer for the new movie starring Pitt, Sandra Bullock and Lady Gaga drops. In the meantime, watch the really weird teaser…