Travel Chic: 4 Experts Reveal How to Stay Stylish, Fit, & Happy While Globe Trotting


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It’s all too easy to look tired and unkempt while traveling. From catching late-night flights to grabbing cabs to hotels and walking for miles sightseeing, we tend to go for comfort over style as tourists.

But some travelers look incredible while traveling the world, so how do they do it?

You don’t need to pack your entire wardrobe to stay stylish while globe-trotting, and you don’t need to compromise on comfort or health to look fantastic – all you need are some clever styling tips to look effortlessly chic wherever you go.

1. Pack Smarter, Not Heavier

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When packing for your trip, stick to two-thirds basic pieces for a cohesive, flexible travel wardrobe. This means focusing on simple shirts, well-fitted jeans, a versatile coat, comfy sweats, and smart but comfortable shoes.

The last third of your case is reserved for your statement pieces. These will help you take any outfit from day to night with the help of accessories, layers, and a few dressy pieces.

This way, even though you may be wearing the same outfit on multiple occasions, you can make each one look different and stylized with minimal effort.

“Whenever I travel, I aim for simplicity. Remember, traveling is all about the experience. The more you embrace your destination, the more confident you’ll look, which is the foundation of any style.” – Jack Thweatt from Called

2. Consider Your Activities

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The more you have planned in advance, the easier it is to look stylish while you’re away. If you know you’re going on specific trips, make sure you have outfits ready that look great while being appropriate for the destination.

For example, if you are going on a hike through the mountains, you’ll need breathable, lightweight clothes and comfortable hiking boots.

“Just because you participate in outdoor activities while traveling doesn’t mean you can’t look great. No matter where I travel, I like to stick to well-fitted basics in breathable fabrics so I can look well put together without compromising on comfort.” – Daniel Richer from Strength Log

3. Footwear is Key

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No matter how beautiful your outfit is, it’s easily ruined by scruffy shoes. So, when you’re planning your trip, think about two or three pairs of versatile shoes you can use on multiple occasions.

For women, a wedge or stacked heel can elevate any outfit while keeping your feet happy and comfortable in hotter climates.

For men, a pair of simple dress shoes or sneakers look smart and go with almost any outfit – whether it’s chino shorts or lightweight trousers.

4. Layers Add Luxe

Travel Chic - layering

Layering your outfits adds dimension and helps with fluctuating temperatures. Start with a basic underlayer, such as a vest or simple tee, and then add a pretty cardigan or jacket and an overcoat on top.

Layers immediately look chic and help any outfit look stylized. You’ll just need to think about the climate when planning your layering ideas.

“Soft, comfortable t-shirts are always a great base layer for a layered outfit look while traveling. Stick with something simple, and then add your favorite jacket, scarf, and bag to look put together in the airport.” – Josh Neuman from Chummy Tees

5. Opt For Travel-Friendly Beauty

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We often don’t have the space in our bags to carry our entire makeup and skincare sets, so you’ll need to pair down.

When traveling, skincare is essential, especially if you’re out in the sun. So, take a high SPF sunscreen, moisturizer, and any other essentials.

But when it comes to makeup, less is more. Emphasize a natural look with minimal eye makeup and a simple lip – when the weather is beautiful, your skin has a chance to naturally shine without full coverage.

6. Don’t Underestimate Jewelry

Travel Chic - jewelry

No matter what outfit you wear, you can make it look effortlessly chic with the addition of some jewelry. Feeling comfy and want to wear your sweats? Add a chunky necklace and some stacked rings to elevate the look without compromising on comfort.

When you see those travel pics from influencers who look incredible in nothing but joggers and crop tops, it’s the jewelry that’s helping them look so stylish.

The best part is the same set of jewelry can then be paired with your favorite evening dress to give an elegant, stylish evening look for your dinner out, giving you plenty of outfits with less to pack.

7. Grab Unique Pieces While You’re Away

Travel Chic - traditional clothing

Save space in your luggage and instantly look incredible by picking up unique, hand-made pieces on your travels. You’ll find talented local makers wherever you visit, and having unique pieces will instantly elevate your travel wardrobe.

Aim for accessories, layering, or statement pieces you can easily wear with other items in your bag. Scarves, shawls, and jewelry all work great and add interest to a simple outfit.

When you finally arrive home, you’ll have beautiful keep-sakes you can integrate into your wardrobe that will stand out for a lifetime.

Own Your Personal Style While Traveling

No matter where you go in the world, the key is owning your personal style. Whether you love a sophisticated, elegant look or prefer a more relaxed, chilled-out style, these tips will help you stay stylish, fit, and happy while seeing the world.

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