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Pog Ma Cone  (a St. Patrick’s Day Creami)

Enjoy the most delicious St. Patrick’s Day Ice cream- St. Patrick’s Day Creami.  Made with the Ninja Creami Ice cream maker.  Cup or cone- you will love every bite

Who could resist Irish Cream and Andes Mints in a rich and creamy dessert?  Definitely not me- AND So easy,  You can make it Lickity Split!  Homemade Ice cream with Irish cream and chocolate mint candy?  – Too Indulgent?  Pog Mahone! (Kiss my Arse)

This addictively delicious chocolate and mint ice cream is everything you know about the classic dessert with a boozy twist- and just 7 ingredients- Full of St Patricks Day vibes!

It’s the perfect ending for your little Irish Holiday Shenanigans

What’s the Scoop with Irish Limericks?

Funny Limericks have been embraced by many cultures around the world, but they are much loved in Ireland and have been passed down from generation to generation- and shared with lively audiences in pubs.  Here are a few favorites:

A strange young fellow from Leeds
Rashly swallowed a package of seeds.
Great tufts of fine grass
Sprouted out of his ***
And his balls were covered with weeds.

There once was a man from madras
Whose balls were made of brass
In stormy weather
They clang together
And sparks fly out of his ***!

There was a young sailor named Bates
Who danced the fandango on skates.
But a fall on his cutlass
Has rendered him nutless,
And practically useless on dates.

There was a young maid from Madras
Who had a magnificent ***;

Not rounded and pink,
As you probably think –
It was grey, had long ears, and ate grass.

Why will I love a St. Patrick’s Day Creami?

  • Mint Flavor- None of this Mint chip Malarky.  The Irish cream and Andes Mint chocolate candies combine to make make this a fresh and minty dessert you will desire over and over
  • Chocolatey- The fine pieces of chocolate mint are the perfect Irish Indulgence
  • Boozy- Not for kids-  This adult-only ice cream is velvety and luscious
  • Green and Festive- Our St. Patty’s Day Ice cream will be the hit of your party, and your new favorite Ice cream!

Pog Ma Cone

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Freeze Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day  10 minutes


  • Ninja Creami Ice Cream maker
  • Ninja Creami Pint containers


Egg Mixture

  • 5 Egg Yolks
  • ¾ Cup Sugar

Cream Mixture

  •  Cup Heavy Cream
  • 1 Tbsp Vanilla
  • Few Drops Green Food Coloring


  •  Cup Bailey’s Irish Cream


  • 20 Andes Mints Finely chopped


Prepare the Egg Mixture

  • In a medium bowl, combine your egg yolks and sugar. Set aside

Milk Mixture

  • Heat the Heavy Cream and Vanilla in a medium sauce pan at low heat. Stir until the mixture just starts to bubble at the edges. DO NOT BOIL. Remove from heat. (If you have a thermometer, you want the cream temperature to reach 180 degrees F)

Final Mix

  • Add the egg mixture that you set aside, into your slightly bubbling cream mixture, and stir until completely combined. Set aside and let cool for at least 15 minutes. Add a few drops of green food coloring.
  • Add the Irish Cream. Mix well
  • Pour your ice cream mixture into 2 Ninja Creami pints. Cover and freeze for at least 24 hours

Ninja Creami Magic

  • Remove a pint of Gelato from the freezer, and remove the lid.
  • Place the pint in the Ninja outer bowl with the paddle lid
  • Turn the Ninja Creami on, and place the bowl in the locked-in upright position. Push the Gelato button.
  • Wait for the machine to tun off.
  • Remove the bowl, and stir in the finely chopped Andes Mints by hand
  • Serve and enjoy

Why will I love Ninja Creami Dessert Recipes? 

  • The Ninja Creami is a cross between a blender and a food processor.  It’s a miraculous machine that makes nostalgic desserts at the press of a button.  Known for its versatility, the Creami can make homemade frozen treats like Gelato, Sorbet or high-protein  low calorie Ice Cream
  • You can customize your dessert creation to meet your gourmet tastes and dietary needs.  There are Ninja Creami recipes to make the most amazing concoctions- easy and fast, even for the most restrictive diets.
  •  There are Ninja Creami recipes that are packed with protein AND low calorie, giving simple guilt-free pleasure to Creami creators.
  • Making your own ice cream is so much fun. (Especially with this Ninja Creami Recipe Collection)

 Tips for a St. Patrick’s Day Creami

  • Do not fill the pints past the fill line- you could damage your machine
  • Always freeze Ninja pints level
  • Taste the Gelato mix before freezing to be sure you have the flavor/ sweetness you are looking for
  • Make sure you freeze your ingredients for at least 24 hours
  • If your gelato is a little crumbly, add a slight amount of milk and re-spin
  • Re-spin your rich Gelato with a little milk if you have been storing in the freezer for a while

Ninja Creami Ice Cream FAQ’s

What the FAQ?

What is a Ninja Creami?  

The Ninja Creami transforms a frozen solid ice cream base into a decadent and delicious ice cream, at the touch of a button.  From healthy to decadent, the Ninja Creami ice cream maker can create frozen treats that are creative and healthful.

Enjoy traditional desserts like a Ninja Creami Vanilla ice cream, Ninja Creami Chocolate ice cream, Strawberry ice cream, or Mint chocolate chip ice cream.  You can also enjoy creative concoctions that are Dairy free, Vegan, Low calorie, and/or full of Protein- All easy Ninja Creami recipes.

The Creami has pre-programmed settings for ice cream, sorbet, gelato, frozen yogurt, milkshake, smoothie bowl, slushy, Italian ice, frozen drinks, and ‘Creamiccino’.  The Creami works differently from a conventional maker, but quickly spins a frozen pint of ingredients into a mostly smooth ice cream, even with tricky, low-fat bases.

Why would I want to make Creami Ice Cream or Sorbet?

The Ninja Creami is fast and fun.  Get creative with textures, and flavors,  Make decadent flavor combinations, low-calorie, high protein ice cream, or treats to accommodate special diets- Keto, Low-sugar, Lactose-free, or Vegan.  Make ice cream with easy Ninja Creami recipes.

With the Creami, you simply pour your liquid base and ingredients in the Creami pint, and freeze it for 24 hours.  Once your mixture is frozen, you pop the lid off of the containers and drop them into the Ninja Creami.

Whether you’re a seasoned frozen dessert connoisseur or a rookie confection maker, this magical machine can revolutionize your dessert experience.

Why will I love Ninja Creami  Ice cream and Sorbet recipes?

  • Fast.  Create your culinary canvas in minutes- and freeze.  24 hours later the Ninja Creami grinds and smooths your ingredients into a specialty confection.
  • Fun.  There are so many options to create a dessert that is perfect for you and your family and friends – easy recipes
  • Variety. The Ninja Creami offers a wide range of dessert options, allowing you to experiment and create various frozen desserts like ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and more, specific to your taste and preferences.   Great for the perfect summer treat, but a delicious classic all year long.  Creamy ice cream is super easy.
  • Minimal ingredients. Most recipes require just a handful of ingredients, (with many you will have on hand)
  • Diet friendly. You can use this ice cream machine to make Keto, Lactose-free, low-calorie, protein, and even vegan ice creams.  Pure joy
  • Small servings. Each batch of ice cream makes just one Ninja Creami pint container, making it so fun to experiment with your favorite flavors- and varieties of frozen desserts- and just enough to share.
  • Customizable settings. Each button on the machine is specific depending on what you’d like to make- lite ice cream, smoothie bowls, or another other sweet treat. Try out that ice cream button and make the best ice cream with the Ninja.

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