You can now turn departed loved ones into diamonds


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Adelle Archer owns a unique business: Eterneva, of Austin, Texas, makes beautiful sparkly gemstones out of the ashes of your deceased loved ones so you may wear (sounds weird, but you wear jewelry, right?) them to dinner parties and fancy dress occasions forevermore.

According to Eterneva’s website “This is for an unforgettable connection in your life. Someone who deserves fireworks, a million floating lanterns, and their name written in the stars. When these people leave us physically, we need a positive way to keep them close to us. At Eterneva, we help you celebrate your remarkable loved one by turning their ashes into a diamond.”

This is not for a casual friend. We will not be seeing people decked out Mr. T style with memorial lab-grown diamonds, but if you want a little something fabulous to remind you of how your loved one shined their way through life then this might be for you. Start saving your pennies now, though, because these gemstones start at $2999. Yes, that is a starting price and the process takes 10 months to a year to complete the growth process, so don’t think it’s going to be quick.

The gemstones are each unique and are made from the carbon left in remains (or cremains) of hair and bone. Customers can choose color and size (depending on the amount of cremains) and as a final touch Eterneva engraves your loved one’s name right on the diamond’s edge.

So, if you are in the market for a unique remembrance of beloved personages (and pets, too) Eterneva may well be your answer.

Even if you don’t want to wear your dead loved ones, you’ve got to admit, that like Austin itself, Eterneva is a distinctive twist on the normal.