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Uber is one of the best known ride-hailing services and most users request and pay for rides through the Uber app on their smartphone. And more than just rides, Uber offers food delivery service through Uber Eats. In addition to using the app, there are several ways for individuals who do not have a smartphone or prefer not to download the app to use Uber’s services.

Seniors who want to reserve their own ride can go directly to the Uber website to set up the time and destination. They will need to set up an account and pay using a credit card.

Family members or friends can use their Uber app to reserve rides for senior loved ones. The account holder can pay for the ride and also track their loved one’s ride from pick up to drop off.

For seniors who live in assisted living or other senior living options, their facility may offer transportation to residents through Uber Business. Each facility will handle reserving and paying for rides differently but this may allow a seniors to request the service without needing the app, smartphone, or a computer.

Uber Health allows health care providers to reserve a ride for patients. This service provides non-emergency rides to and from appointments in addition to delivery of necessary medical items like prescriptions or meals.


Lyft is similar to Uber in that most users access rides through the Lyft app on their smartphone. Lyft users cannot order a ride directly without downloading the app but there are some work around options for seniors who don’t have smartphones.

  • Lyft family account can be set up which allows family members to reserve, track, and pay for rides for their loved ones.
  • Lyft Healthcare is a service that health care providers can use to reserve non-emergency rides for patients to help them get to and from appointments. In some areas, trained drivers can also assist their riders to get safely to the car and back into their homes.
  • Lively is a wireless service provider for seniors, which offers senior-friendly mobile devices such as the Jitterbug phone. Using a Jitterbug phone, seniors can request a Lyft ride by pressing zero on their phone. A Lively Care Advisor will set up the ride, provide an estimated cost, and arrival time.


GoGoGrandparent is a subscription ride and delivery operator service for seniors. This service allows seniors to reserve rides through ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft without a smartphone, app or computer. Seniors can also use the service to order grocery, meal, and prescription drug delivery.

Seniors will need to set up an account and choose a subscription option, which starts at $10.39 per month. To use the service, seniors call a member number and follow the prompts to choose the service they are looking for. And if a caller needs help, they can simply press “0” to be connected to an actual human operator.

GoGoGrandparent also offers connections to home services just for seniors. They vet companies and independent contractors that can help with a variety of home tasks including the following:

  • Lawn care
  • Housekeeping
  • Snow removal
  • Changing a light bulb
  • Pet care


Similar to GoGoGrandparent, Arrive is a service that seniors can call to reserve a ride with an Uber or Lyft driver without needing to have a smartphone or ride-hailing app. All ride options that are available to direct Uber and Lyft customers are available to Arrive customers as well.

A subscription for Arrive is $10 per month plus the cost of each ride. Seniors sign up and then consult with an Arrive Concierge operator who will help them individualize their account with favorite destinations and ride preferences.

To use the service, seniors call a “members only” line to order a ride. Arrive takes care of scheduling and payment, charging the account on file.


SilverRide combines the convenience of ride-hailing services with knowledgeable and skilled drivers who are able to address the specific needs of seniors. Drivers offer door-to-door service, provide physical support, assistance with tasks, and are trained to respond in emergency situations.

Seniors do not need a smartphone or app to use SilverRide. They can schedule a ride over the phone by email or using the reservation page. SilverRide will quote the price of the ride based on the traveling distance and other services requested. After the ride, the trip will be automatically billed to the card on file or deducted from a prepaid balance.

Assistance finding senior services

Seniors who live independently may still benefit from occasional support with daily tasks or transportation. Family caregivers can provide this assistance sometimes, but often a senior’s needs will increase as they age.

If you or a loved one has ever considered extra help, A Place for Mom’s Senior Living Advisors can help your family explore a variety of senior care options from in-home care to assisted living. They can connect you with home care agencies or senior living facilities in your area, all at no cost to your family.

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