Ultimate gift guide for the crazy cat people in your life


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Some people really love their cats. And everyone else’s cats. And every cat.

Cat people are a special breed. If you have one on your shopping list this holiday season, you might be looking for cat-themed gifts. We’ve got plenty here that should delight the cat lover in your life. Some of these gifts are for people who actually have a cat, but many are great whether your “crazy cat person” has their own feline friend or not.

cat mug
Manta Makes Ltd / Etsy

1. ‘Crazy Cat Person’ mug

Crazy cat people often own up to exactly who they are. They aren’t shy about their obsession. Help them celebrate it with this fun mug they can use all year round. The 10-ounce ceramic mug has a bold design on both sides. It’s great for morning coffee or tea, and they can even safely throw it in the microwave and dishwasher. It lists “6 Signs That You Are Secretly a Cat.” Each of the signs is accompanied by an adorable illustration of a cat. The warning signals include “you suck at making decisions,” “you want to nap 24/7” and “you are always hungry.” All of the for less than $12.


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cat blanket
Sexy Studio / Etsy

2. Personalized cat blanket

Your cat lover does need to actually have a cat for this one. In fact, they can have up to four and get all their cute, furry faces on this customized blanket. If you have high-resolution pictures of your loved one’s cats, this seller will print them on a cozy velveteen blanket. Only one side will have the print, but that should be enough, since it features cat faces repeating over and over. The seller uses the cat’s head in particular, so make sure you have a good front-facing shot. You can also add the name of the cat under each image. Choose between 30 x 40 for $39, 50 x 60 for $54, or 60 x 60 for $64. You also need to choose a background color, and this seller offers some really fun options. You can get standard white, black or gray, but you also could have blue, brown, green, pink, smart blue, purple, red or yellow.

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Family World Shirts US / Etsy

3. ‘Adam Creation’ cat paw shirt

For some people, cats are truly divine blessings. This simple shirt celebrates that. It riffs on the classic painting of Adam reaching out for the hand of God, except now that divine hand is a kitty paw. You can choose a lot of styles and colors to go along with this minimalist design. There’s a range of women’s sizes and even women’s V-neck sizes. Or you can go with a unisex cut and style. There are youth, toddler and baby suit options, making this shirt great for just about anyone on your gift list. Different sizes and styles will come at different costs. The smallest baby suit size is $10. Most styles and cuts are closer to $15. The price also shifts depending on which color you choose. You can get mauve, dark gray, athletic heather, black, white, maroon, red, navy, heather mauve or true royal. You’ll have to specify a design color of red, black or white, depending on the primary color you choose.

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cats socks
Amped Tees / Etsy

4. Cat socks gift box

This gift comes pre-packaged for you. All you’ll have to do is find some wrapping paper. The gift box comes with five pairs of cat-themed socks that fit women’s shoe sizes 5-9. They’re a soft mix of cotton, spandex and polyester, which make them great all year long since they aren’t too heavy. The five pairs of socks all have their own personalities, too. Each one features a different cat. There’s Siamese, tuxedo, Turkish angora, American shorthair and Scottish fold. Don’t worry if you can’t recognize them on sight. The top side of each sock has a picture of the cat, but the underside has the name of the breed. A poly bag is $14.99. For a couple dollars extra ($17.99), you can get a blue box that makes an excellent box for gifting.

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cat mug
G Decor LTD / Etsy

5. Cute cat mug

These mugs are cute, elegant and celebrate cats. They all feature felines with yarn and the phrase “Good time. We are having a great time.” Don’t miss the tiny fish on the handle, either. It’s an adorable touch to compliment the color and style you choose. These mugs cost $15.17 each.

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coaster cat
Yarn Over by Mary / Etsy

6. Cat coaster set

We’ve listed a couple different mugs. Now, it’s time for some matching coasters to set them on. If you’re getting a mug for your loved one, grab these coasters as well so they can have a whole cat-themed morning. Each is shaped like a cat head – they even have whiskers. You can get a set of two for $14.95 or a set of four for $23.95. They’re all cotton yarn, so they’re soft and won’t stick to the bottom of a glass. Each is about 3.75 inches across. If you get the set of four you get one of each color. However, if you choose the pair, you’ll have to decide which two colors you want out of black, tan, light gray and dark gray.

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Wax on Fire / Etsy

7. ‘Don’t Stress’ cat candle

A cat’s purring can sooth humans and make them feel relaxed and at ease. But if they need a little more relaxation, you can get them this “don’t stress” cat-themed candle as well. Get a four-, nine- or 16-ounce candle. The seller estimates that four ounces will last 30 hours, nine ounces will last 70, and 16 ounces will last 100 hours or more. And your loved one will be burning natural, vegan soy wax made in the U.S. The candles start at $12 for the smallest one and go up to $24 for the largest. The hardest part might be choosing a scent, as the seller has a ton of options. You can choose from apple pie, cake, coffee, vanilla, baby powder, s’mores, wisteria, banana bread, pumpkin spice and so many more. You might have to grab a couple so you can try out more than just one!

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cat towel
Osprey River Goods / Etsy

8. Cat kitchen towel

As much as we love cats, they can also have a lot of attitude. Their big personalities are part of their draw, however. These cat-themed kitchen towels celebrate that aspect of cat ownership with funny designs that combine cattitude and cat appreciation. Choose between an image of a cat knocking coffee off a counter and the phrase “I do what I want” and a cat on a laptop with the words “Go away. I’m introverting.” Or get both for $22.25. The white towels with black designs are about 28 x 29 inches. You can use these flour sack towels for practical purposes around the kitchen, but if they’re just too cute to stain with spills and cleanups, they make great decorative items as well.

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cats coasters
Robins Craft Market / Etsy

9. Cat butt coasters

Not sold on the earlier coasters? These are a bit more silly but a ton of fun. Like the previous coasters, they’re made of yarn. They’re about four inches long, but that is just the “body” of the cat, which is round so you can use it as a coaster. There’s also tiny legs, a curling tail and a curious cat head peeking back at you. You even get to select the color of the buttons used for the eyes. You can choose black, yellow, lime green, pink, gray, brown, green, orange, red, blue or white. Then choose a color for the body of the cat as well. There’s black, orange, white, brown, black and white, light gray, light gray and white, dark gray, purple, rainbow, dark gray and white, terra firma, or a holiday cat. You might need to check out the listing for some of the more interesting colors. Choose something fun and eye-catching like a rainbow cat design, or try to select the colors of your loved one’s actual real-life cat.

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Personalized by Fran / Etsy

10. Christmas cat ornament

This plastic ornament offers a lot of options for customization – and you won’t need a high resolution photograph to personalize this gift. When you buy this mug, you get to give the seller a bunch of helpful information so they can design it. An image of a person with their back facing you appears on the mug. They can have a cat peeking over one shoulder or both. Personalize this basic design by choosing a skin tone and sweater for the human on the ornament. The seller offers fun shirt options from bright solid colors to striped shirts to holiday-themed sweaters. Then, choose the human’s hair color and type. There’s too many options to name here, from fun colors like blue and purple to a range of natural hair colors. The person can have braids, a bun, a ponytail, short hair, long wavy hair, curls and more.

Then it’s time for the cats! Just as with the human, you can choose a range of designs for the cat (or cats – you can have a maximum of two). You’re sure to find your loved one’s exact breed and color of cat thanks to all the options here. If you’re willing to spend a little time making the right choices, you could gift your loved one an ornament with them and their cat on it. That will be special for years to come. Throw in an 11-ounce mug for $29.75 or a 15-ounce mug for $31.95. The mug will also have your custom design on it.

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The Rolling Dumpling / Etsy

11. Fuzzy cat ‘bean’ socks

Some socks are good year-round, while some are specifically for those cold winter days when you don’t even want to get out of bed. These are the latter. They’re super fuzzy and warm. They use high-quality cotton and spandex to be comfortable but cozy. They should fit most adults, as they’re appropriate for U.S. sizes 4.5-11. The designs are adorable. You can turn your loved one’s feet into a black cat’s paws. How about letting them be an orange cat, or a black-and-gray-striped cat? There’s also a spotted design in white and brown or black and brown.  The underside holds a special treat – toe beans! The cat lover in your life will delight in having “beans” of their own thanks to these socks.

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Cats Mode / Etsy

13. Cat shelves

All of our gifts so far have been for humans. But true cat fanatics will be just as excited to get a gift for their cat as for themselves. This cat wall furniture will give their furry friend a place to perch, play and hop around. Cats love getting up high. These hexagonal shelves help them do that, but they’re still open so the cat can see out and observe their domain. One hexagon with no add-ons costs $59, but be careful while making this purchase. The more hexagons and add-ons you apply, the higher the price goes. For example, a pillow or felt for the hexagon bumps the price over $60. You can also put a print on the window of the hexagon. If you combine that with a pillow or felt, you can easily spend about $90. The price also goes up as you add hexagons. One can stand on its own, or you can link several together so the cat has a whole jungle gym of fun. You can get up to four hexagons with windows, but you will spend $260 or more to do so.

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scarf cats
Snobby Cats / Etsy

14. Cat scarf

This fashionable scarf isn’t only for the coldest months of the year. Made of polyester with a silk feel, it’s light enough that your loved one could wear it even in the summer. It can serve as a sun shade or a bit of extra warmth on a chilly day. And it has a design that will thrill cat lovers. There are dozens of cartoony cats all over the scarf. Some look like they just got back from vacationing in Paris, but others are a bit more silly. The Russian blue is truly bright blue while the York chocolate is wearing a cute sweater and hat. These cats pack a lot of character onto a 35 x 35 inch space. And your giftee will feel even better knowing that $1 from the sale went to The Humane Society or another nonprofit that helps out cats. You can choose white or gray as the background color for this cheerful scarf.

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cat sticks
Meowy Janes / Etsy

15. Matatabi cat chew sticks

Your crazy cat person might be going for wine this holiday season, but their cat would probably prefer these chew sticks! They’re made from an all-natural catnip alternative called matatabi. It will not only give your loved one’s cat a little holiday buzz, but gnawing on the stick is also good for the cat’s teeth. It’s perfectly safe for the cat to tear off a little bit as they play with the stick, which comes in a resealable bag of seven to nine sticks. Matatabi comes from the mountains of Japan and China, and it’s sometimes also called Silver Vine. If your cat person has a pet who is a little fussy about catnip, this might be a fun alternative to try.

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earrings cats
Luckeeluv Studio /Etsy

16. Cat earrings

These cat stud earrings are too cute to resist. They all look like little cat heads, which is a great design for studs as they’ll be both small enough for the area and simple enough to recognize. They’re about 5 x 7 mm with a push back closure. Every pair of nickel-free, hypoallergenic earrings are also bright and glittery to make them really stand out. You can choose gold, green, pink, red or matte black at the standard $11.50 price. There’s also a “multi” option that includes a bunch of different colored glitter. You save quite a bit if you buy two pairs, as that will only be $16. If you know more than one cat-lover who’d adore these earrings, that’s a pretty solid buy.

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Blue Ocean Apparel / Etsy

17. Meow sweatshirt

What’s more iconic than a cat’s meow? This sweatshirt plays with a cat lover’s favorite sound to turn it into an adorable sweater anyone can enjoy. The word meow appears across the sweater, of course, but the M and W are cat heads (the W cat is upside down). It isn’t just cute, though. It’s also comfortable. It has a tear-away label and uses cotton and polyester. You can get a unisex small to 2XL or, for younger cat lovers, check out the youth sizes. Some sizes cost a single penny more. You get a range of color options, from staples like white, black and gray, to more vibrant options like azalea, cardinal red, heliconia, maroon, navy, mint, purple, orange, Irish green and more.

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necklace cat
Gifts for Friendship / Etsy

18. Cat necklace

If the earrings just aren’t enough, add in this necklace as well. The 18-inch necklace is made of silver with a lobster claw closure. It features a cute little kitty “hanging” off the end of the chain (or maybe he’s trying to scramble back up!). The seller offers customization if you reach out, too. They make each necklace to order, so be sure to order soon if you want it in time for the holidays. This is a great gift for someone who wants to show their love of cats but not in too gaudy or ostentatious a way. The necklace is slim and sleek with a classy design.

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plaque cats
The Bespoke Workshop 1 / Etsy

19. Cat moon family plaque

For cat lovers, their feline friend isn’t just a pet – they’re part of the family. Help them celebrate that with this cat moon personalized family plaque. It’s great for the living room or any other wall in the house. The 20 x 20 cm wood and acrylic circle contains a crescent moon with several cats walking in front of it in silhouette. You can get a name engraved on each of the cats to commemorate every member of the family, human and feline alike! You can choose to leave the cats blank if you’d prefer a more minimalist design. Or you can get the silver part of the crescent moon mirror engraved. Select from two to eight cats if your cat person has a lot of little furry friends.

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Funhouse Glass Studio

20. Stained glass cat sun catchers

Bask in the sunlight like a cat yourself with these cat-shaped sun catchers. Each is 11 x 6 cm and made of glass, copper foil and wire. The cats even have whiskers and long curly tails that loop over their heads. These sun catchers are handcrafted, too, so even though the seller gives you a set number of options, each sun catcher they make will have a bit of a personal touch. They also come with a silver hook for hanging. You can select a primary color of white, black, orange, brown and gray, iridescent cream, iridescent black, iridescent blue, jade, light gray or dark gray. Once you hang them somewhere, the light will shine through them to make a beautiful effect – and one that cats will probably enjoy chasing along the floors and walls.

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cat house
Petguin / Etsy

21. Indoor wooden cat bed house

Cats like to have their own cozy, private spaces. This indoor wooden cat bed sits inside a little “house” so your loved one’s cat can feel like they have their own special space to relax. The house contains a soft pet mat to sleep on surrounded by a wooden structure with a cat head opening as the “door.” There are even paw print “windows” along the side. Despite all the features, the house is pretty compact at 19.3 x 15.4 x 15.4 inches. It should suit kittens and cats of just about any size and weight. And you won’t be gifting your loved one a project, either. The whole thing is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any tools!

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cat candle
Fabulous Felines Shop / Etsy

22. Cat tea light holder

Here’s a simple but elegant gift for the cat lover in your life. This 14 x 11 x 12 cm tealight holder is cute and compact. The glass dish sits in a hard resin base, so it’s stable whether your giftee uses this indoors or outdoors. A mouse perches on one side of the glass while a cat peers over the lip on the other side. It’s a great size for tealights and other small candles that’ll fit in the dish. If you know someone who’d love some classy and simple home décor that celebrates their love of cats, this might just be the perfect gift for them.

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cat decal
Growing Tree Gallery / Etsy

23. Scaredy cat sticker

Who says gifts can’t be silly? You’ll get some laughs this holiday season when you gift this scaredy cat sticker. It features a cat peering down, eyes wide, a look of absolute terror on its face. Cat lovers have all witnessed this look before! The cat in the sticker has become a meme across the internet. But your giftee will have little to fear whether they slap this sticker on their car, their laptop or anywhere else. It’s made of high quality vinyl, and it’s even waterproof and UV resistant, so it can hold up even if it’s on a car. The sticker starts at $1.75 for a 1.5-inch sticker, although sizes go all the way up to a massive 24 inches for $28, with options for just about every inch in between.

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Shocked scared couple around holidays
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