Want to retire abroad? Here are 9 great countries to consider


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Are you an American thinking of retiring abroad? If so, you’ll want to consider this list of countries that you can move to. Each country offers its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks, so it’s essential to do your research before deciding.

Whether you’re looking for a sunny climate, affordable healthcare or a lower cost of living, one of these countries will fit your needs!

We have listed nine countries where you can quickly retire or repatriate as an American. But before that, let’s understand how one can determine the best place to retire.

There are many ways to go about finding the best place to retire. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Cost of living in the new country
  • Quality of healthcare
  • The climate
  • Availability of amenities
  • Safety of the country
  • Ease of travel
  • Stability of the country’s political situation

Now, let’s take a look at nine countries where Americans can easily retire or repatriate.



Portugal is one of three European countries on this list that make up the top 10. It’s a beautiful country with a mild climate, and its coastline offers lovely beaches.

Portugal’s living costs are relatively low, and retirees can enjoy several benefits. For example, Americans can easily communicate with the local community since students learn English in schools.

There are hundreds of islands to visit, and the low cost and broad range of restaurants make it a foodie’s utopia.

Lake Bled, Slovenia
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Slovenia should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a beautiful and affordable place to retire.

This small country in Central Europe has a lot to offer retirees, from stunning mountains and lakes to quaint villages and cities. The cost of living in Slovenia is very reasonable, with rent for an apartment in Ljubljana averaging $720 per month.

And while the winters can be cold, the summers are warm and perfect for exploring the outdoors. With its great location, lovely weather and low cost of living, Slovenia is an ideal place to retire.

Czech Republic
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Czech Republic

Retirees often overlook the Czech Republic as a retirement destination, but it has a lot to offer American retirees. However, the cost of living is relatively low, and there are good healthcare and transportation options.

The country is also safe and welcoming to foreigners. Prague, the capital, is a beautiful city with plenty of parks and historical landmarks.

Many small towns and villages offer a more relaxed pace of life. Whether you’re looking for an urban or rural setting, the Czech Republic is an ideal place to retire.

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy, and the people are friendly and welcoming. If you’re looking for a country with a lower cost of living and good amenities, the Czech Republic is worth considering.

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There are many reasons why Australia could be a great country to retire for Americans. For starters, the cost of living is relatively low compared to the United States.

Rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the city center can be around $1,000 to $2,000, considerably cheaper than most American cities.

In addition, there are plenty of activities and attractions to keep retirees busy, from exploring the Great Barrier Reef to visiting one of the many world-class museums and art galleries.

And with its temperate climate and stunning natural scenery, Australia is a perfect place to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable and exciting retirement destination, Australia might be a perfect choice.



Malaysia is another country on our list that is making an effort to be more welcoming to ex-pats. You can apply for a Malaysian My Second Home (MM2H) visa that will last up to 10 years.

This visa offers several benefits, including discounts on travel and healthcare. The cost of living in Malaysia is relatively low, and the climate is warm year-round.

Don’t worry about cultural shock. In Malaysia, English is considered the “unofficial second language.”

Plus, it ranks 23rd on the Global Peace Index, which places the country far superior in terms of peace compared to other countries in Southeast Asia.

Barcelona, Spain
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With its rich history and culture, not to mention a diverse landscape, Spain is unsurprisingly one of Americans’ most popular retirement destinations.

The cost of living will vary depending on which city you choose to live in. However, in general, the cost of living in Spain is relatively low compared to other Western European countries.

Additionally, Spain has a public healthcare system available to all residents, including retirees. The climate is also mild, with warm summers and cool winters.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a renowned destination for retirees, thanks to its stunning scenery, fantastic beaches and low cost of living.

The country also has high-quality healthcare and a stable political situation. It is relatively easy to travel to Costa Rica from the United States, making it an excellent option for those who want to be close to home.

If you’re looking to buy, you may find houses for a fraction of the price in the United States if you live in areas with lower property taxes.

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Panama is a country with stunning mountains and lovely beaches, making it a fantastic choice for retirement. The cost of living is relatively low in Panama, and retirees can enjoy several benefits, including discounts on travel, healthcare, and entertainment.

The country also has a stable political situation and is relatively safe. However, it is essential to note that the quality of healthcare in Panama is not as high as in some other countries on this list.

The only drawback is that you must have a pension paying at least $1,000 per month to be eligible for the Pensioner visa.

However, you will save 25% on electricity bills, airline tickets, restaurant meals, 10% on medicine and even 50% off theater admissions once a retired resident.

Rainbow mountains in Peru
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Peru is an excellent retirement destination for anyone looking for an exotic locale that doesn’t come with a high price tag.

Apartment rentals in the district of Lima, for example, go for around $740 a month. That’s quite a bargain, especially when you compare it to prices in the United States.

And it’s not just the cost of living that’s enticing: Peru also offers a wide range of activities and attractions. There’s something for everyone in this South American country, from the ancient Inca ruins at Machu Picchu to the wildlife-filled Amazon rainforest.

Peru is an ideal place to spend your retirement years with its rich history and culture.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re a retiree or thinking about retiring, one of the best decisions for your future may be deciding where to live. Many factors go into this decision, and it’s essential to consider what country is most suited for your needs before making a final choice.

If you want warm weather year-round with a low cost of living, think about moving to countries like Peru. For example, Australia might suit your needs better for those looking for an exotic location with plenty of activities.

And if safety and affordability are paramount in your search for a retirement destination, Slovenia should be on the list!

Wherever you choose to call home during these golden years, we hope this article has helped guide you towards finding the perfect place.

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