Watch Kris Jenner Put Her Own Twist On An Oreo Cookie In Clever Super Bowl Ad

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Oreo is teaming up with a well-known television personality for the brand’s first Super Bowl commercial in more than a decade.

The new ad, which is also only the second Oreo ad to ever air during the Super Bowl, stars Kris Jenner, who is making her first-ever appearance in a Super Bowl ad.

The commercial, called “Twist on It” plays on the idea that twisting an Oreo cookie can help you make a decision — similar to the coin toss that will start the Super Bowl. Instead of heads or tails, it’s creme on the left or right side of the cookie.

The commercial starts in ancient times, with two guards deciding whether or not to let the Trojan horse enter the city of Troy. From there, it follows two presumable FBI agents deciding whether to report an alien sighting, and then cuts to Jenner, who twists the cookie to decide if her family should star in their show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

You can watch the 30-second spot that will air during the game:

There’s also an extended cut, which goes all the way back to people “twisting on it” prehistoric times:

“I’ve been lucky to see how Oreo cookies playfully bring people together, especially with my kids when they were growing up, and now my grandkids,” Jenner said in a press release. “It was fun to shoot this campaign and imagine how Oreo cookies played a major role in one of the most influential decisions that I’ve made – wouldn’t it be fun if the twist of an Oreo cookie led to our family going on air. Maybe it did!”

The ad will be shown in the second quarter of the Super Bowl, which is airing on CBS and streaming live on Paramount+ on Sunday, Feb. 11.

Oreo’s only other Super Bowl ad aired during 2013’s XLVII game and featured people “whisper arguing” in a library about whether the best part of an Oreo is the cookie or the creme. The argument gets quite out of hand, with tables flipping, fires starting and even the police arriving to weigh in on the debate.

Have you ever made a decision by twisting an Oreo cookie?

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