10 American brands only Boomers will remember (& you can still buy them…somewhere)

What people don’t know is that some of these favorite brands are still out there and available, although they might need to leave the country to get them.

Before Diet Coke, there was Tab. It came in a pink can, presumably so only those with XX chromosomes would buy it.


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For a little while there, it seemed like there was a RadioShack on every  corner, and during those glorious days, one could purchase answering  machine microcassettes at their convenience.

Velveeta cheese

Velveeta is a cheese-based goo that makes life a lot easier for those  who are too busy to cut up a block of cheese and melt it for a few  minutes.

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Baby Boomers will undoubtedly remember chugging a cold glass of Ovaltine  before putting on their Davy Crockett hats and bicycling down to the  penny candy store.



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