10 of the weirdest & most upsetting concert performances ever

From Elvis Presley gyrating to the Beatles’ unkempt hair, people were  easily scandalized and sent to the fainting couch with hysterical  dropsy.

On January 20, 1982, a concertgoer threw a dead bat onstage during a performance in Des Moines. Thinking it was fake, Osbourne picked it up and bit its head off.

Ozzy Osbourne

Medium Brush Stroke

The Stooges

The singer was captured on film standing atop audience heads while he smeared his exposed torso with peanut butter.

Alice Cooper

He would “behead” himself at the end of every show, and Cooper, now 75  years old, still decapitates himself every night on his current tour.

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Williams drove a Cadillac full of explosives at the stage, jumping out  right before impact. It exploded, to the shock and awe of those in  attendance.

The Plasmatics


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