10 smart ways to invest $100K for retirement

Are you wondering how to invest 100k? Perhaps you’ve just sold your home, inherited money or maybe you won the lottery.

Either way, getting such a windfall happens to many, at least once in a millennials’ lifetime. And it’s natural to seek out the best ways how to start.

Real estate investments

Many experts agree that over time, real estate appreciates about the same as inflation. The best returns from real estate investing come from the rental market.

Invest in yourself

When consumers invest in education, for example, they can get a higher paying job. Or, if someone seeks out training to start and run a business, they could create generational wealth to pass down to their children.


Like any investment, it’s essential to start with a little due diligence when considering investing in education.

Start a business

Take the time to research your target client, a product you’ll sell to them, your operating costs, and potential profitability. These are things you can do to find out whether the business is worth investing in.

Stock market

Investing in stocks gives you a chance to buy in various industries. And the returns can be quite juicy as well.

Individual stocks

Buying blue chip stocks may be among the riskiest strategies, but it could provide you the biggest reward.

ETFs & Mutual Funds

ETFs and mutual funds are baskets of stocks that are pre-bundled for you. Therefore, instead of buying multiple stocks, you can make a single investment and get instant diversification with ETF’s and mutual funds.


If you are looking for an easy and low-cost way to invest your money, another option is with a Robo-advisor. Indeed, Robo-advisors are gaining in popularity as they are easy to understand, offer low fees, and give instant diversification.

Crowdfunded Investments

Crowdfunding refers to many people who invest small amounts of money as the initial investments are low.

Help Others

Peer to peer lending is also an excellent way to earn passive income. This method also gives you a chance to help others in need of money to consolidate debt, go on a vacation, or start a business.