10 thing to do now if you’re worried about your retirement savings

Whether you plan to stop working the day you turn 65 or are taking a wait-and-see approach, it’s essential to sock money away for retirement.

Do you feel like you’re too young to start thinking about retirement?  You’re wrong. Simply put, the longer you save, the more you’ll have  once you’re ready to retire.

Start early

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Set a goal

Some are happy with a modest home in an affordable town and occasional  travel, whereas others hope for a more lavish lifestyle with a second  home.

Ask a pro

It can be instructive to sit with a financial planner to assess the  feasibility of your dream retirement and, if necessary, adjust your  expectations.

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A potentially significant portion of your retirement purse will come  from benefits, like social security, a pension, and/or work-sponsored  retirement funds.

Have an understanding of what you have coming


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