10 things to consider before looking for a new job

Making a career change can be daunting, but if you’re prepared for what’s ahead, it can be an exciting process!

Make sure you aren’t rebounding

Rebounding from a relationship is never a good idea and the same goes for your job.

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When you’re thinking about what you want in a new job, it’s important to  take the time to assess what’s missing from your current role.

What’s missing now that you need in the new job?

Do I need to change industry entirely or just job?

It’s worth considering how big of a change you really need. If you’re  unhappy in your current industry, it might be time for a complete  change.

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Identify your must haves

If you’re not clear on what your priorities are, it’s very easy to get  sidetracked and end up applying for jobs that aren’t really right for  you.


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