10 Things You Really Should Rent, Not Buy

Check out a formal dress for prom night, some power tools for your big home renovation, or camping gear for your next vacation. Cut down on expensive purchases and waste by renting instead of buying.

Formal Wear

Buying formal wear can be expensive especially for pieces that will, most likely, only be worn once and then left to take up space in the back of the closet.

And, in a time where fast fashion brands are churning out cheap, mass-produced clothing, the cost of being fashionable also includes the pollution of waterways with toxic textile chemicals.

Camping and Outdoor Gear

Renting skis and snowboards for a day on the slopes is commonplace, but plenty of other outdoor gear can be borrowed by the day.

If you’re just getting into an activity be in rock climbing, backpacking, or car camping gathering all the necessary equipment can be pricey, and potentially a big waste of money.

Books (and Textbooks)

Libraries are the obvious choice for book-borrowing: they’re free, easy to use, and offer all kinds of educational programs and events to the public.

Before buying a book, consider borrowing it first. Textbooks are also notoriously expensive, and are often only needed for the span of a single semester.


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