11 award winning wines you should pair with your favorite fast food

With responses ranging from classic to iconoclastic, I  peppered Bruce with about a dozen of fast food’s all-star players for  her hot takes on how she’d pair them.

The crispy crunch and salt of the fries getting wiped clean and ready  for the next bite by the wine’s effervescence and acidity.

French Fries and Champagne

Medium Brush Stroke

Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Albariño

The spicy chicken sandwich is a relative newcomer in the fast food canon, but once it arrived it became an instant favorite.

Regular Cheeseburger and Spanish Garnacha

Bruce points out that sometimes it’s not the (literal) meat of the dish  that you are pairing, but its condiments or accoutrements.

Medium Brush Stroke

Pizza is another instance where, depending on toppings, you have a lot  of different flavors and textures to work with in terms of wine  pairings.

Pizza and Montepulciano


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