11 of the saddest TV character deaths of all time

Spending countless episodes and seasons with TV characters can often  create a strong bond between viewers and the fictional world. Here are the most devastating TV deaths that broke us emotionally.

We discover how the stable boy  Wylis became the simpleton Hodor who “Held the door” until the end,  leaving even the most cold-blooded of us an emotional wreck.

Hodor in ‘Game of Thrones’

Medium Brush Stroke

Chuck McGill in ‘Better Call Saul’

Despite being an inherently unlikable character, Chuck McGill’s death in  the gripping “Breaking Bad” spin-off is both poetic and grotesque.

Jack Pearson in ‘This is Us’

“This Is Us,” the emotional powerhouse of TV, made it clear from the  start that it would wring out every last drop of our tears on any given  episode.

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Fry discovers the fossilized remains of his beloved dog, Seymour, in a museum exhibit.

Seymour in ’Futurama’


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