11 Smart Habits of the Ultra-Wealthy 

Sustainable wealth requires a state of mind, discipline, and daily habits to maintain. Here are 11 of those habits of wealthy people, that you can model to join their ranks.

Millionaires Own Real Estate

The rich believe in real estate investing. For good reason, too: real estate changes the math of financial independence and early retirement.

Most millionaires exercise such restraint with their housing costs, they can funnel a higher portion of their income toward investments.

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Their Own Homes Are Modest

They Live on a Firm Budget

Millionaires put themselves on a budget, with a high savings rate, which they turn around and invest. These investments in turn produce more passive income.

As we touched before, budgets aren’t about denying yourself, they’re about creating that feedback loop to generate more income and wealth.

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Their Money Works for Them


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