15 electrifying true-crime podcasts to binge right now

Everyone is obsessed with true crime podcasts. Tens of millions of listeners tune in to learn about murders, kidnappings and crimes that have gone unsolved for decades.

Crime has always captivated the human imagination. People have been fascinated for decades over criminal behavior, and true crime books and documentaries abound.

Dark History

She talks about murder, mystery and makeup on Mondays. This time, she’s going to sit down with you every Wednesday and talk about murder, mystery and history.

The Nobody Zone

Kelly claims that his first murder was pushing a friend under a train in London in the ’50s. Although he was convicted of two murders, he admits that he brought about the untimely deaths of about 15 people over the course of 30 years.

What Happened to Annie

This podcast highlights the life and death of Annie Borjesson, a Swedish musician found dead by a dog walker on a beach in Scotland in 2005. Her family was told she ended her own life. But this six part series analyzes all the “might have beens.”

The Something Scary Podcast

You will enjoy listening to this podcast if you like creepy ghost stories, folktales and urban legends. One episode tells stories about haunted objects, like a cursed stuffed bear and a watch.

Up and Vanished

Thanks to this podcast, a long and painful investigation about a murdered beauty queen was brought to an end. Up and Vanished was hosted by Payne Lindsey, an aspiring filmmaker and musician.