15 famous brand slogans terribly rewritten by AI

After putting both the original slogans and AI’s rewrites in front of  humans to determine which was better, the AI crashed and burned on  these famous slogans.

Original: “It’s Everywhere You Want to Be” AI: “Making Money Move” Unless Visa is partnering up with Cardi B, this just does not work.


Medium Brush Stroke


Original: “Save Money. Live Better.” AI: “Making Life Affordable, One Cart at a Time.” This isn’t terrible. It reminds customers what Walmart stands for.

Taco Bell

Original: “Live Más” AI: “Spice Up Your Life” If Taco Bell was only known for its Volcano Menu, this could work. But seriously, Taco Bell is so much more than spice.

Medium Brush Stroke

Original: “Taste the Rainbow” AI: “Taste the Technicolor” I can see  what AI was thinking (calculating?), but “Taste the Rainbow ” is far  better.



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