17 tips to help you survive on minimum wage

If you’re living on minimum wage, learn how you can stretch your dollars and even manage to sock some money away for that rainy day fund.

One way to do this is to record all of your expenses. Begin tracking your spending for 30 days. Include everything, including the change you put in the tip jar at a coffee shop.

Evaluate Your Overall Spending

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A line-item budget can help you track your spending in various categories and make adjustments as needed.

Create and Stick to a Budget

Put Some Money Towards Savings

One University of Arizona study found people who save money report less psychological distress and have improved financial satisfaction.

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Consider shopping at less expensive supermarkets, using coupons, buying the store or generic brand, and if applicable, ask if the store has a customer club card so you can get additional discounts.

Save on Food


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