18 of the wildest prison escapes of all time

From yoga stretches and helicopters to fake identities and peanut butter, here are the strangest escapes throughout history.

Joaquín Guzmán Loera

He navigated a mile-long tunnel that was underneath the prison showers.  In 2016, he was recaptured and remains in jail to this day.

They cut through steel walls, left dummies in their beds with a note that said “have a nice day,” and escaped the prison.

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‘Have a nice day’

After being a “model prisoner” for seven years, he was allowed to shop at Ohio’s Great Southern Shopping Center. He escaped during the trip and was never caught.

Lester Eubanks

Dillinger’s first jail escape was from an Ohio prison when eight of his friends worked to help the gangster escape.

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John Dillinger


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