20 clever items you didn’t even know you needed

(but won’t be able to live without)

Let’s face it, life is already complicated enough without little inconveniences like brown sugar that’s as hard as a rock, butter that’s impossible to spread, and long dresses that drag on the floor of your closet.

I’ve found over 20 items that prevent or make quick work of those little bummers!

Brown sugar that’s hard as a rock? No more! Moisten this little bear and place it in your brown sugar to keep it moist for ages. The bear can also be used to keep cookies and dried fruits from hardening.

The Brown Sugar Bear ($5.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond)

You don’t always have a partner or friend around to zip you up! Tackle that zipper on your own by attaching the clip of The Best Friend to the back zipper of any dress, blouse, or sweater and extend the cord.

Medium Brush Stroke

The Best Friend ($29.99 at BestFriendZip.com)

You know what a pain it can be to butter bread and corn on the cob or to grease a pan with cold, refrigerated butter. To make buttering a breeze, insert a stick of butter into this clever silicone sleeve and spread away!

Butter Crayon ($24.95 at ButterCrayon.com)

This battery-operated gadget clips onto any toilet and automatically sprays the toilet with a mild, all-natural essential oil fragrance.

Medium Brush Stroke

LooLoo ($39.99 at GetLooLoo.com)


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