20 Ways to Build Financial Security

It can be overwhelming to know where to start when building good financial practices. Here are 20 pieces of money advice to get Gen Zers started securing their financial freedom.

Monitor financial health

Building financial security is a lot like going on a cross-country road trip. One of the best ways to track financial growth over time is to hold a monthly money date.

Another fundamental part of developing financial literacy is to have a monthly budget. While there are different approaches for setting a budget, one good rule of thumb is the 50/30/20 plan.

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Set a budget

Take note of the best majors and careers

While nearly one in three Gen Z college students plans to earn degrees based on their passions, following their hearts may not be the best to secure a salary that meets their expectations.

Keeping an eye on the job market is a way to see what opportunities are available. It is a way to track current and changing salaries for comparable jobs.

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Watch the job market


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