21 Surprising facts to know before moving to France

Moving to France, whether for a change of lifestyle with a young family  or to enjoy a relaxed retirement, is a dream that can come true.

Although English is widely spoken in the cities, the French always  appreciate someone who tries to speak their language.

It is important to speak some French

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The French have strong social etiquette

They are very polite and whenever you meet a French person in the  street or at the supermarket checkout, you should always greet them with  Bonjour or Bonsoir.

Kisses are liberally given

Giving a kiss on both cheeks to family members and close friends when  you meet them is an important part of everyday French life.

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While in many countries it is considered impolite to arrive even a  minute late, in France it is almost expected to be up to 15 minutes late.

It is polite to be a little late


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