21 things you can recycle for cash

Whether your goal is downsizing your life and decluttering, making additional dollars, or both, purging your household of unused items can lead to a cleaner environment and fuller piggy bank.


On the list of what to recycle for money, aluminum beverage cans are quite popular. They are light and easily compacted and can often be redeemed at your local supermarket for five or 10 cents a piece.

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As with cans, you can collect around five to 10 cents for each glass bottle. Some recycling centers may require you to empty and rinse them before returning.

Glass Bottles

Plastic Bottles

Did you know that an estimated 2.5 million of them are being thrown away every hour in the United States? You can earn around five to 10 cents for every plastic bottle recycled, depending on its size.

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At some scrap yards, you can get over $2 per pound for copper and 40 to 70 cents per pound for aluminum.

Scrap Metal


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