25 secrets to great grilling

From the secret to keeping burgers juicy to hacks for getting your grill grates clean, here are some grill master-approved tips and tricks that I’ve tested myself.

Label Buns With Condiments

To help, you can label your buns to match the orders: An “R” for rare,  an “M” for medium, an “MW” for medium well, a “WD” for well done.

Medium Brush Stroke

Make Steakhouse Toppings On The Grill

Take your steaks to the next level by sautéing mushrooms with butter, garlic and herbs.

Use Bread To Test For Hot Spots

One of the first things I did when I got my grill was place six slices  of Texas Toast on the grates to create a heat map and find out where the  hot spots were located.

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The starch in a potato can create a natural nonstick surface on your grill. I made barbecue chicken on the grill afterwards and had no problems with it sticking.

Use A Potato To Prevent Sticking


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