25 truly surprising facts about the Rolling Stones

Watts joined the group in 1963 and while he was never the flashiest drummer in rock music, his simple, no-frills approach was the perfect fit for them.

Thousands of tour dates and millions of record sales later, it’s probably safe to say that was the right approach. In honor of the late Rolling Stones drummer, we’ve compiled some facts about the group that you may not know, even if you consider yourself a well-versed fan.

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

They didn’t think much of their best-known song

The Rolling Stones released “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” in 1965 and it turned them into superstars, but when they first came up with it, they believed it to be a throwaway track.

They didn’t ask bassist Bill Wyman to join because of his talent

When the Rolling Stones asked bassist Bill Wyman to join the group, it wasn’t because he had dazzled them with his musical prowess. It was because he actually owned an amplifier.

One of them was almost an accountant

With all their famous tales of hedonism, it’s hard to imagine the members of the Rolling Stones doing anything else for a living.

Charlie Watts had to keep his marital status a secret

Charlie Watts married his wife Shirley in 1964 and they stayed together until his passing. But originally the group wanted him to keep the marriage quiet and pass himself off as a bachelor.

Keith Richards was a literal Boy Scout

It’s hard to imagine today but Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, the poster child for sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, spent two years in the Boy Scouts.

Chuck Berry once punched out Keith Richards

Richards was once left alone backstage with Berry’s guitar for a moment and as a fan, he couldn’t resist picking it up and giving it a strum.

Original guitarist Brian Jones drank one and a half liters of whiskey a day

He ravenously consumed all manner of controlled substances, from pills to hallucinogens, and when the band was on tour.

Keith Richards was almost electrocuted onstage

At a 1965 concert in Sacramento, Keith Richards was rendered unconscious when his guitar touched his microphone stand.

Mick Jagger enjoys changing diapers

As long as we’re happily destroying the Rolling Stones’ reputations as scoundrels and ne’er-do-wells, we might as well take this opportunity to reveal that Mick Jagger said he enjoys changing babies’ diapers.

Keith Richards briefly cared for someone else’s baby in Australia

He more or less moved in for the duration of the stay and even cared for her baby while she was away at work, saying. “There’s somebody in a suburb in Melbourne who doesn’t even know I wiped his a**.”

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